Why your next software development project should be outsourced to India.

Anthony Lockwood
4 min readJan 6, 2020

Software development in India has been a steadily growing industry over the last decades. While it used to be a risky endeavorin the early 80s or 90s when it was an up and coming industry. Now, Software development in India is an established industry with a highly experienced, English speaking workforce. For maximum efficiency, this workforce is also backed by a Pro-IT government and robust infrastructure with a highly reasonably cost of living, making human capital more cost effective. Read on to find out the many reasons why you should outsource your next big Software Development project to India.

Software Development India

1. A large pool of highly experienced candidates with specialized knowledge.

India’s IT industry is very mature. What this means is that not only is there a good number of highly experienced professionals, but these candidates are also highly specialized, knowing the intricacies of software development and its many niches extremely well. Therefore, they are quite likely to have a varied approach to solving a problem, and are more likely to have the best solution, fastest.

2. More Cost effective practices, or more labor effective practices.

In India, experienced developers can be hired at a fraction of the cost of workers elsewhere. This can have two possible benefits. In the first, one can complete their software development project in India for the least cost and highest quality. In the second scenario, one can use the same budget to hire 2, 4 or even 10 workers who will complete the task in a shorter amount of time than a single local developer, however talented he may be.

Moreover, this means that instead of hiring a single developer for your project in your home country, and compromising on other aspects, like graphics or UX, for want of a bigger budget, you can instead hire an entire team of people, including dedicated graphic designers and writers to maximize the overall quality of your development project.

3. Knowledgeable people asking the right questions.

For you, the new customer, navigating the field of software development might be a daunting task, since this is not an area of knowledge you might typically deal with, and it might be your first time undertaking such a task. However, software development teams in India are quite used to this, quite knowledgeable on these matters, and know what are the correct questions to ask to ensure that all the necessary parameters you require are taken care of, relieving you of that burden. Do what you do best, and outsource the rest. You can concentrate on your business and rest assured that the Indian team will handle the software development.

4. Extremely advanced, reliable infrastructure.

India’s excellent communication infrastructure means that everyone has access to fiber internet, and is just one call away. This enables instantaneous communication and real time feedback, and you, the client, are saved the hassle of having to find an office, enable IT, and other tasks associated with a local team, with almost no downside.

5. Round the clock work.

Due to the perfectly situated time difference between India and western countries, your local team can work hand in hand with the Indian team, each continuing in the day where the other left off. Your local team can work in your day time, and the night duties can be taken over by the India team, for whom it is daylight working hours. This results in uninterrupted round the clock progress, especially for times when users require support, without having to pay overtime rates for night workers.

6. Ability to focus on core business.

By hiring an external development team, you free yourself from the load of having to interview, hire, and manage a dev team in addition to your core business, and all the overhead that accompanies it. Instead, you should let the experts handle it, and concentrate on what you’re good at, your core business. The software aspects will be handled on their own, delivered when ready.

As the evidence demonstrates, there are clear benefits, both monetarily and qualitatively that make outsourcing your next software development to India an attractive option. However, it is important to make sure you’re making the correct decision with who you go with. Carefully do your research, and decide on deliverables and milestones ahead of time in a concrete fashion, and you should have no problems. Software development in India is a well-established, trusted industry, so outsourcing is truly the logical move, and you can evaluate whether it is the right move for you using the tips in this article.



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