Why are Security Guards more required nowadays?

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readJan 23, 2020


In the past few years, the recognition for the need of professional security guards has evolved up to the level that it is now a default or a compulsory amenity in any of the building premises, no matter if it’s an office building or a residential building. It has become essential to consider the security of the people and the property of the building. After considering, it’s been understood about the damages and losses that would appear on a daily basis because of security errors or no security at all. The scary 2001 attack on World trade center in New York and the recent bombing annihilation at Boston Marathon are few of the events that indicate that it’s time we surely look forward to protecting the employees, occupants, residents, assets and other essential belongings from thieves, criminals, demolishes, terrorists, or are sent for employee.

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The generation of evolution and revolution, making sure the security of the premises shall be the fundamental aim. There are always some getaways left out, even though if we make sure of every imperious security measures which can turn out to be deadly in the coming days.

Let see what all elements of security, if not put to practice, may turn out to be fatal:

· No arrangement Of Key Card Access on the Entry and Exit of the building premises

Installation of key card access at the entrance gate and exit gate of the premises along with other relevant doors will make sure enough entry and exit recordings. This means issuing access badges, Identity cards with latest photographs to each employee and lawful persons irrespective of whether it’s an office building or a residential building, some important elements would command access to the building premises. It should be made compulsory so that the accessing procedure is upgraded like dual-authentication as per the requirement and secrecy of your building premises.

· Not guarding the Surveillance Camera: Although several buildings have a surveillance camera or CCTV (Closed-Current Television) which keeps tracking the behavior and also notes any wrong doing in the building premises. Hence keeping the cameras upgraded and the monitoring devices is essential with security perspective and professional security guards thus appointed, keep a regular check on the proper functioning and maintenance of surveillance cameras.

· Hazards of Communication negligence: There should be well-organized communication between the security guards and the occupants of the building, as there should not be any miscommunication for the system’s ability in making decisions and communicating with one another. The combination of various security systems into a one utility level makes better control for the operators, definitely resulting in handsome savings in costs relatedoperations in the building premises. Alarms, intercoms, telephones, or other concealed communication along with backup communication systems could be involved for this purpose.

· Priority to Representation rather than functionality: it’s okay if all the required systems are installed in the manner that they are oddly displayed. Consider security procedures as a vital function instead of taking it as a procedure to decorate your premises. This is because people keenly extravagant or just show-off the facilities they have these days. However, it should not the area of showing off. Without these facilities, you won’t be able to relishon the amenities in the building premises.

· Getting trapped oneself In Own Building Security System: It is the most obvious but the most irrelevant and embarrassing error one can get into, which occasionally may become serious and may get you into huge losses. This is why one should never get complicated and unnecessary security systems installed. Taking the advice from professional security guards and agencies in California may help if you do not have sufficient knowledge about these things before considering installing such security measures. Take your necessities and requirements into consideration and then decide on it.

These are the areas where regular building securities errors are tend to happen. Hence, take guidance, help or advice of a professional security agency that provides you with security guards that manage all these security measures for you. It can turn out to be one of the most important and smartest investments one can make in their lifetime.



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