Where to apply for work in the midst of Covid-19

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readJun 18, 2020

You could be a Security Guard in California. No, hear me out first! The job market in the USA is currently in shambles. The coronavirus has seen millions of Americans go jobless in the wake of the shelter in place orders to limit the spread and contain the virus. The financial crisis of 2008 has been dwarfed in comparison, with over 40 million Americans out of jobs as the economy struggles to stay afloat.

While many workers are working from home, and few Americans do have the resources to allow them to weather the crisis, a lot of them do not have the financial means to go without a paycheck. These Americans, living paycheck to paycheck, do not have the resources to go for long, and don’t think they will be working in the near future.

It is amidst this uncertainty and crushed industry that some industries are offering a beacon of hope in these times. A few lucky ones, like businesses offering security services or HVAC, are seeing surges in business demand. They are hard at work, hiring thousands of people to keep up with the unexpected demand, and make sure that their customers aren’t inconvenienced. Many are even increasing wages, because of the precious necessity of wanting to hold onto customers. So what are these industries? Let’s find out!

Ø Construction Security: Security related services are the most common jobs that are seeing uptakes due to COVID. Due to the construction activity being paused and put on hold, commercial security services are seeing rises in demand for security patrols at construction sites. This can be a lucrative option for a bit of extra cash, and is safer as well, since these places are unlikely to have visitors.

Ø Contact Tracing: The most important tool when fighting a pandemic, contact tracing endeavors to trace the path of infection to determine the people that an infected person may have come into contact with. This is essential so that we can limit the spread of the virus, and so this field is massively ramping up.

Ø Security Guards:Security services companies in Los Angeles are seeing huge increases in demand, as are other firms across the country. Businesses that are vacant, businesses that require security guards to enforce social distancing rules and manage higher traffic are all seeing requirements shoot up, and are a great opportunity for employment.

Ø Hardware Stores: Many people have been laid off, and now have some free time to focus on home improvement. This is causing higher traffic to home improvement and hardware stores, as people scramble to improve their homes and renovate due to the free time they now have.

Ø Convenience Stores: Convenience and retail store workers are deemed essential workers, but scores of them are quitting due to perceived fears over the virus. This can be a great time to get your foot in the door, as these locations are always hiring.

Ø Delivery: Delivery services like Doordash and Ubereats are also hiring massively, as the number of people opting for takeaway or food delivery over eating out is much higher. Instacart for example is planning to hire 300,000 new employees before august. All you need is a car, and you can be in business.

Ø Healthcare: Any industry article related to the pandemic would be remiss without mention of the Healthcare sector, that is the largest industry that is both driving growth and staving off the worst of the pandemic simultaneously. The manufacturing and healthcare services support sector is booming right now, making them a great opportunity.

While you are not guaranteed to find employment due to the job market being pretty scarce right now, all hope is not lost. The list above serves as a good starting point for you to start looking at ways to get back on your feet, and start thinking about the future.



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