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Anthony Lockwood
3 min readMar 26, 2020

Programming languages are the script upon which the giant books of today’s programs are written. They are the fundamental method of instruction to get computers to do what we want, and the science of software development in India uses these languages as a critical tool in software development. They started out as punch codes on punch cards, but today there are thousands of different programming languages, each serving a different niche. And more come out each year, as the form of computing changes such as cluster and parallel computing, new paradigms of computing form such as quantum and AI computing, and new parts of the population are introduced to programming, such as kids and normal laypeople.

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In the midst of this complicated environment filled with choices, it can be difficult to pick what language to use for your next software development project. Each language has its pros and cons, and picking between them can be a difficult task, when you have to keep track of so many parameters like security, ease of development, and robustness. SO which are the best languages, if there is such a thing? Read this article, where you will get an overview of the current best picks for programming languages.

1. Python

Any list of programming languages that doesn’t mention python would be like talking about cricket without talking about Tendulkar. Arguable the most popular program for general purpose programming, Python is a high-level programming language with a natural syntax. Not only does this make it an excellent language for beginners, but it is also capable of very advanced calculations with no problem. It also has useful features like automatic memory management, and dynamic features that are adaptable based on the use case. Python is a versatile, portable language with a user friendly operation.

Ø Use for:

  • Large calculations
  • Math programs
  • Quick scripts for repetitive tasks

2. Java

Another Titan in the world of programming languages, Java is what is known as an OOP, or object oriented programming language. The first of its kind when it was invented, Java ran on a WORA, or Write Once, Run Anywhere principle. This is the reason that java is often used to run mobile applications and applications in portable scenarios, since it is so easy to deploy on any platform.

Ø Use for:

  • Cross-Platform Apps
  • Apps for portable devices
  • Android Development

3. Ruby

With a fantastic collection of third party tools and libraries to assist with any programming task, Ruby is a simple language with incredible versatility. It does not require the user to learn any programming syntax, and has a very easy to understand pattern. With its fast, user-friendly code, and extremely welcoming community filled with resources and tutorials, Ruby is one of the best languages to learn as a beginner in web apps.

Ø Use for:

  • Learning programming
  • Web app development
  • Small Websites

4. C

C is amongst the most difficult languages to learn, but it is a rewarding one, as competence in C leads to competence in a large family of related languages as well, like C# or C++. C is actually the basis of a lot of the modern languages we see today, so an experienced C programmer is likely to find it a lot easier to learn the other languages on this list.

Ø Use for:

  • High Level Programs
  • Entire Oss
  • Business Apps and Internal Testing

Hopefully, this list has given you a top-down perspective of the top picks for programming languages in this day and age. While each may be differently suited to your idea and work differently for your needs, they are all robust programming languages with extensive support that will help you develop your idea into reality. Remember, while the programming language does make a big difference, the only thing that truly matters is your idea, and you, so pick one and go with it!



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