Top E-commerce solution trends in 2019

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The E-commerce industry has grown incredibly in the past few years because of the significant increase in the use of internet and mobile globally. Major developing countries like China and India are playing a vital role in the development of E-commerce market. According to the experts, India’s E-commerce industry will reach to the market value of $4.88 trillion by 2020. In spite of being the fastest growing industry, E-commerce sector needs to improve their services. In this post, we will see the most required and upcoming trends for Ecommerce development in India.

E-commerce solution trends in 2019


Majority of the customers like to get product suggestions according to their interests or product search history. Personalization offers better product recommendation to customers according to their previous purchase, searched products, wishlist, etc. According to a survey, about 48% of customers spend more money when they have personalized products suggestions.

Personalization also provides individual offers to customers; based on their shopping behavior, demographics and personal information. Product recommendation through an E-mail is the best way to inform the targeted customer about the discounts available on that product. Customers are more likely to buy when complementary products and similar products from other brands are shown in suggestions. About 60% of customers feel that their shopping journey is easy when they get personalized product suggestions. Also, when it comes to keep or repeat the customer; personalization works better than any other technique or method of eCommerce.


A chatbot is an artificial intelligence system; which is used for online text chat conversation with customers. It is inspired by Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and other voice-based search software. The online chatbot uses natural language processing (NLP) technique to give the most appropriate answers to the customer’s query.

A chatbot plays an important role in providing better service and support to the customers. 1 out of 5 customers likes to chat online while shopping. Chatbot also share information about available discounts and deals with the customer while conversation. Chatbots are future of the E-commerce customer support system as they can engage customers on a particular site.

Voice Search

Voice controlled assistance like Amazon’s Alexa and Google home are driving more and more people on voice searches. Presently 5% of E-commerce customers are using voice assistance for product search, but by the end of 2020, this number is likely to reach 50%. Customer love to search product through voice as it is easy to use and possible while doing other things. An E-commerce site should be optimized according to keywords of natural speaking languages (i.e Long tail keywords). As voice search is in its initial stage; owners of E-commerce stores must adopt this trend for better user experience and sell.

Smart Payment Process

Flexible payment methods are crucial in today’s competitive E-commerce world. Providing multiple payment options to customers is a good way to achieve more sales. A customer likes to pay with different payment gateway methods because they get cash back and other coupons from them. It is ideal to add many online payment methods at the checkout page.

Because of trust issues among customers; cash on delivery is the favorite payment method of customers. In countries like India, Customer use pay on delivery option more than prepaid payment options. Never forget to add cash on delivery option with other online payment options on your check out page.

Custom Packaging and Fast Delivery

33% of online consumers feel that brand packaging attracts them to make a purchase. Product packaging with brand name, logo and tag line is the best way to promote your brand among customers. Custom packaging of the product gives assurance of an easy return to customers as there will be no confusion about the product’s brand. Apart from packaging with a brand name, gift packaging is also appreciated by consumers. Custom packaging of product according to any occasion or festival is the best trick to increase sell during festivals.

Speed of product delivery is the biggest problem of the E-commerce sector since it was started. Customers are very impatience during the transit period; they want their product get delivers as soon as possible. In case of delayed delivery or bad logistic experience; about 84% of consumer says that they will not make a purchase again with that brand. Same day delivery option draws much more sells than any other selling tricks of E-commerce. The fast delivery facility is very essential for Ecommerce development.

Final Thoughts

Development of an E-commerce business can never be achieved without better user shopping experience. Make the buyer’s journey simple and convenient with the help of an Artificial Intelligence system. Factors covered in this post are the basic requirement for any E-commerce development process. It’s all about the shopper’s experience; starting from the product search till the product delivery.



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