Top 5 Reasons to choose a remote team

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readJan 16, 2020

Hiring an outsourcing team is incredibly beneficial and advantageous for a startup company or even a global firm as numerous benefits save time, money and a lot of hustle to hire in-house employees. Maintaining quality, handling deadlines, loyalty and confidentiality are the sole motives of these teams of devoted employees to make your business stand out, and unique than the competitors. Let’s find out some more pocket-friendly and time-saving benefits of hiring a Software Development team in India:

1. Less office space

The requirement of enlarging the workspace or office space will increase at a fast pace as you start hiring more employees. This step is quite costly as compared to assigning tasks or projects to an outsourcing team of developers or a remote team of Software Development in India at an affordable price. These remote teams will save you from investing in the new workspace.

2. Less management

To hire an employee for your company, you would need proper management for further processes such as payroll, corporate events, talent acquisition, and recruitment. This would be even costlier as you will pay the employee and the management too. Instead, hiring a remote team would save all the costs and you can save funds for the next valuable investment.

3. More flexibility

The idea of hiring a remote team is totally practical and flexible as there can be agreements for short period cancellations and even long term contracts according to your requirements. In the case of hiring in-house employees, you need to engage them for a long time. You are free from any commitment to engage an employee and paying them monthly even if there is unsatisfactory work. The remote team also enables faster start-up, development, and scalability for new operations. Majorly, the remote team deals with incorporate conditions for change in requirement or termination of contract ensuring flexibility.

4. Less wastage of time

Remote work is easier than before with this new digital revolution which influences every firm to allow remote work and this is similar to hiring a remote team as you only pay by the hours and amount of work. Hiring a Software Development team in India is the team you are searching for, with their optimal quality of work, you have nothing to worry about a lot of paperwork and labor rights. It reduces wasted time. Research suggests that on average employee wastes 5 hours on the cell phone in a week! And that’s 20 percent of the time they’re on the clock, wasted! With remote workers, billable hours are only the time duration spent working on projects.

5. Less overall cost

When it is possible to have a workforce in business without renting space, then that’s a money-saving strategy, it saves the time to commute too. Hiring a Software Development team in India could be more affordable than recruiting employees or staff. This is a potential benefit for your organization as it can save you a fortune by fewer salaries and no workspace just by hiring a remote or outsourcing team. Also, the cost for electricity and land tax could be saved with this pocket-friendly concept of remote work


The remote team also enables faster start-up, development, and scalability for new operations. It is statistically proven that employees would choose remote work over a raise. This is one of the most potential benefits to the company that a remote worker would be able to complete tasks even during curfews, or any other challenging condition, whereas a regular employee would ask for leave with the legitimate reason. Factually, companies with remote work options or facilities report 63% fewer unscheduled leaves and 39% of employees quit the job because of inflexible work hours and options. In conclusion, hiring the Software Development team in India to engage in remote work saves both the company and employees a significant amount of money.



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