Top 5 important things to check before hiring any Security patrol services

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readFeb 17, 2020

Given the frequency of patrols conducted by security guards on a daily basis, the necessity to formulate a standard operating procedure for each one seems quite apparent to make each patrol more secure and efficient. Are you part of security patrol services, and having some trouble with organizing and conducting patrols due to certain reasons? This list contains a number of tips that help with problems faced by rookie and veteran security guards alike.

1. Patrols need to have been strategized earlier

What this involves is the utter concentration of the entire management on every variable encountered during a patrol. In many organizations, a patrol is conducted on an “as-needed” basis or when something abnormal is heard. In many cases, there is no clear hierarchy and delegation of duties. This lack of training proves costly in untoward situations, where clear, calm behavior is crucial. Instead, patrol schedules need to be clearly scheduled in advance. There needs to be a proper roster, defining the roles of each guard, and their daily duties. Such ground rules from the beginning will lead to a culture of fastidiousness, and increase the security overall.

2. Checkpoints must be placed at vulnerable areas

Covering the entrances and exits of a location are obvious moves. However, many security services in Los Angeles forget to cover other chokepoints within the location. By monitoring these areas, the flow of movement and the number of people can be managed in a more granular fashion. By covering the whole area in a number of checkpoints, manpower can be adequately distributed too, instead of congregating in one spot.

3. A system for Guard management is slowly becoming more essential

Due to the features packed in the modern Smartphone, a number of new and interesting ways to improve traditional industries has come up. Among them is a new way to improve security services as well. With a Guard Patrol Application, multiple avenues for sprucing up patrols can be observed. With a designated application, guards can easily swap, reschedule, communicate and give feedback on patrols from a single place. This makes it much easier to improve services over time, and will definitely increase productivity over time. In addition, these apps can have SOS functions that summon backup to the area in case a security guard needs assistance, often aided with GPS.

4. Ensure the presence of proper safety equipment, including arms if necessary

The job of a security guard is tough at the best of times, but it can be downright dangerous if they aren’t equipped for it properly. A security guard often has to work in dangerous or toxic environments, for example sites under construction, or sites under demolition. In places like these, harm may come either from physical characteristics of the environment, such as falling objects or hazardous chemicals. Therefore it is necessary to have equipment like helmets and masks if necessary. In addition, to protect themselves against the human element, sometimes arms may be required. Of course, this depends on the legality in your state, but a basic baton is definitely necessary.

5. Team building exercises are an underrated resource

One of the largest reasons for a breakdown in quality of security patrol services is a lapse in communication between the on ground staff and the management. With regular team-building exercises and an expectation for honest communication between management and guards, the impact of this can be mitigated. Instead of responding to problems after they have occurred, management can be kept in the loop and be proactive, preventing issues entirely.

Over time, these tips will contribute to forming a security team that is well versed to working together, cares strongly about the environment they work in, and are invested in the success of the community. With such a team, the personal touch in an otherwise impersonal job creates an experience that is amazing for the customer, and makes your job easier.



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