Top 4 legal ways to settle down real estate dispute between parties in 2021

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readJan 11, 2021


Commercial disputes are very common and even the most-planned commercial real estate have chances to struggle with disputes. Sometimes, litigation is the only way to solve the commercial real estate dispute because it involves a hefty amount of money and in such cases, you need the trusted and reliable real estate lawyers in Los Angeles. It takes a knowledgeable and skilled person for solving such cases. Companies that face the disputes should take every step wisely because this is not just about the money, but the brand image of the company too.

The proper advice will save your company from legal consequences. Therefore, it is important that you hire a lawyer to solve the dispute. There are many other excessively, and few of them are given below-

1. Take the help of an expert-

No matter what is the dispute, the expert’s advice is a must. So, when you are facing a dispute related to commercial real estate, it is important to take get help from a professional and that professional may recommend you to hire an attorney according to the area of dispute, who will further help you to resolve your problem with the help of laws that are amended for such circumstances.

2. Meditation-

This is another way to resolve the option, where a mediator will help in resolving the dispute. The expert will be neutral for both sides, to get the fair results of the dispute. This is the situation in which, you and the other party will have to sign the binding settlement agreement. Meditation is a non-adversarial and cooperative procedure. If both the parties mutually accept the decision, both the parties have to abide by it, which will be considered as a legal decision.

3. Resolving through Arbitration-

If you do not want to get too involved in a legal proceeding, there is one other way where your real estate attorney in Los Angeles will help for arbitration. Arbitration is much like meditation where you but here the third party will help you out in the process. The person who tries to resolve the problem is known as an arbitrator, who listens to the problem from both sides and then decide to solve the dispute.

The arbitrator will also consult the real estate attorneys to get their views for detailed insights into the problem. The final decision of the arbitrator is what both parties have to bind and follow.

4. Litigation regarding real estate-

Lastly, the only option left for resolving the dispute if you do not want to follow any other is litigation. This is the situation where both the parties have to appear in front of the court or the jury. Here, the jury will hear both the parties should follow the dispute and the final decision.

The decision in the process of litigation will be taken according to the lawsuit. Litigation will help in resolving the dispute in any way possible.

Disputes can be due to various reasons like the breach of contract, frauds, co-owner disputes, violation of laws. Therefore, it is very important to take the right step by hiring a real estate law firm in California with qualified and well-trained attorneys, who will help in settling the disputes between two parties.



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