Tips for Planning a Safe Event with Strict Security

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readFeb 28, 2020


Security has consistently been a significant part of event planning; however, the frequency of violent incidents at public venues as of late has elevated awareness and concern. Events, for example, trade shows and conferences is considered soft targets, which means they are moderately unprotected and vulnerable so it becomes compulsory to have event security, San Diego.

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Although planning a safe event has consistently been a part of the event industry, it’s at the front line of the event coordinator’s minds now, like never before. Around the globe, awful occurrences at events like the Las Vegas shooting and the Boston Marathon bombing, and natural disasters have demonstrated that we aren’t set up for each kind of security and well-being issue in our industry. Also, with tech assuming a bigger job in event planning and creation, in addition to the fact that we need to be over physical dangers, however cybersecurity concerns as well.

Planning a safe and secured event should be a priority. Let’s understand the tips for the same:

· Lead evaluation of the danger, vulnerability, and risk faced by the event: All facilities face a specific degree of risk related to different dangers. This risk might be the aftereffect of natural events, accidents, or purposeful acts to cause hurt. The initial phase in a risk management program is constantly a threat assessment.

· Find out how venue staff will permit access for emergency responders and how they will inform you about the circumstance very quickly.

· Organize your operational plans: What is an operational plan? In simple words, it means who, what, when, and how of your day by day tasks through the span of the next year will be done. It is utilized to characterize how human, finance and physical assets will be allocated to accomplish financial objectives that help your bigger strategic objectives.

· Examine an event security San Diego partner and Point of Contact right from the planning stage. Notwithstanding event risk alleviation quantifies and giving an unmistakable and current comprehension of the dangers you face in specific regions, Security can help with strategic coordination, site surveillance and cost efficiencies. What’s more, set up a relationship early with the venue security team.

· Consider on the off chance that you have any controversial organizations displaying on the show floor or any disputable speakers. Assuming this is the case, you may need to expand security and guarantee access to credentialed participants.

· Make sure you include clinical help inside your deployed event teams, at any rate, a prepared first aider. For bigger scope events consider a crisis medical team nearby for the first reaction. Your security supplier ought to give a rundown of crisis contacts including medical clinics, government offices and crisis benefits inside their operational arrangement.

· Work with the setting and occasion security group to guarantee you have transparency on Emergency Evacuation Plans.

· If suspicious activity is seen, contact neighborhood specialists and portray what you saw. It might be innocent behavior, however, leave it to law enforcement to make that assurance.

Additional Information

Safety and security don’t simply descend to what’s truly occurring at your event. It’s likewise about looking for any information that identifies with the event and event-goers. Like every other person who gathers information from their customers, you should adhere to the Data Protection Act. This applies to a wide range of data, from names and addresses of event participants, directly through to any information you gathered through progressively advanced tech, similar to participation trackers.

Keep in mind, after every event, to audit any safety or security issues that emerged, or you saw could have happened. How did security and your event team react? Is there something else your team can do next time? Learning and improving is basic for effectively arranging a safe event every time.



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