Things to Consider When Choosing an E-Commerce Solution Provider

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readJul 8, 2019

A most successful business makes decisions wisely while selecting an E-Commerce solution provider. With customers being deliberated with customized and comfortable shopping choices, online e-commerce based retailing sure has seen a broad development. On the off chance that you also wish to take advantage of the potential income, an eCommerce platform is a basic requirement for businesses now, and this stands valid for pretty much every retail business out there. Ecommerce Development in India provides you the best rates compared to other countries. If you are looking to develop an eCommerce platform for your business outsource to an Indian company.

With the choice to assemble one for your business, you will come across many E-commerce solution providers in India so we are here to direct you how to choose which eCommerce solution provider is best for you.

· Shipment Process

One of the key points in any online business is the shipment process and is a very crucial thing. Always select a solution provider who helps you in the easier shipment process. Shipment process should be designed in the simplest way so that your logistics team does not get confused and your product gets delivered on time without any hassle to customers.

· E-Commerce Platform

Check on which E-Commerce platform they are using and your company is comfortable with that platform or not. There are many E-Commerce platforms like Magneto, Wordpress, Shopify or any other. Try to choose that solution provider who builds your website user-friendly and even a non-technical person can customize your website in an easy manner.

Check on whether the solution provider is developing a store with unique and understandable features. If yes, then you can surely proceed with that E-Commerce solution provider.

· Interactive UI and UX

Most of the customers nowadays prefer to shop online through mobiles and tablets so make sure the website you develop is mobile and tablet friendly. If your website is mobile friendly your company’s sale can increase. For successful purchase, your customers need user-friendly website so check with an E-Commerce solution provider develops a website that is mobile as well as tablet friendly or not.

· Super-Fast Admin

During peak time when your website is accessed by many customers, it becomes difficult for some of the customers to access your website because of the slow admin panel. The company’s that allows you to maintain your website properly so that customers can easily access your website during peak time. Slow websites can create a negative impression on customers mind.

· Language Options

Check on the E-Commerce solution provider is dealing into developing a website in multiple-languages or not. This is because if in near future you wanted to target global customers who only understand particular language. Make sure your website is developed in multi languages so that customers can easily make a purchase. Customers should not face any issue because of language.

· Payment Gateway

This is again a very important point to consider while you are looking for E-Commerce web development. Customers will regularly do shopping if they are satisfied with your payment options. Now let me explain you with an example- Paytm, Google Pay are nowadays trending in the market and if your website does not provide such options then chances are customers will not make a purchase from your website.

Always look for an E-Commerce development company who provides you with multiple payment options. There are companies who had developed 25+ payment options for their client’s websites so that customers can select any payment option which they are comfortable with.

· Testimonial

Check the testimonial of the company who is providing various E-Commerce solutions. Check their past client’s ask them how their experience was while developing an E-Commerce platform. Past and current client’s feedback will help you a lot while selecting an E-Commerce solution provider in India.


There are even more key points like SEO friendly website, customer service, scalability of the company, etc. you may take into consideration while selecting the company that provides the best Ecommerce Development In India. Beginning any new business is challenging however, to start an online business or a website can be little unsettling while you have multiple options to select for an eCommerce solution provider. Above points will help you a lot!!!



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