The Top Ten Legal Firms in California Relied Upon for Personal Injury and Civil Rights Protection

Anthony Lockwood
6 min readNov 19, 2020

It often becomes quite a challenging task indeed for people to locate the best personal injury attorney or civil rights lawyer who will aid them in the task to protect their rights when they got violated or when they or someone close to them were victims of someone else’s wrong doing causing harm or injuries of some kind.

Thus, to make this task easy for them, we have brought forward this list of the top ten legal firms in California. This will aid them finding the best legal experts who will aid them to get compensation in case such instances occur.

Kirakosian Law

Kirakosian Law APC

Kirakosian Law is a renowned legal firm that will connect you with a team of the best personal injury attorney in Los Angeles. Alongside, they have a seasoned team of civil rights lawyer in Orange County. Both of these set of professionals make sure to go beyond the edge in order to keep the client’s rights protected at all times in a situation wherein they faced challenges due to rights violation of some kind or sustenance of injuries due to someone else’s negligence and so on.

Broadway Law Firm

Broadway Law Firm specializes mostly in dealing with personal injury related claims. Through their expertise in dealing with cases like car accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall incidents, product liability, motorcycle accidents, burn or spinal injuries, and so on, they give their clients assistance in getting appropriate legal relief in case they become victims to such incidents.

Hadsell Stormer Renick Dai

Hadsell Stormer Renick Dai has the best team of civil rights lawyer in Los Angeles who make sure to use their expertise in the area of civil rights protection to make sure their clients get the appropriate legal respite in case they become victims to injustice. They additionally make sure to utilize their knowledge in the above-mentioned field to provide appropriate settlement in cases that involve the following, unreasonable search and seizure, police brutality and misconduct, and so on.

Shouse Law Group

In case you or someone close to you has been victims to instances such as sustaining injuries of some kind as a result of some other person’s reckless or intentional action, then with the aid of Shouse Law Group, you get the promise to receive compensation for the same. The firm connects you with some of the most seasoned personal injury lawyer in Bakersfield having good years of experience in dealing with these trials helping their clients successfully get their settlements.

Carlson Law Group, Inc.

Carlson Law Group Inc. will connect you with some of the expert civil rights attorney in Los Angeles who will provide you with robust set of suggestions that can help you get necessary relief in case you or someone close to you has been victim to situations such as wrongful arrests, unlawful seizures, and so on. Additionally, through their long withstanding experience in civil suits, they will make sure you get appropriate settlement to your claims.

Yadidi Law

Yadidi Law has been in the legal business for a period of over twelve years now. Since then it has created a reputation of being one of the most reliable personal injury law firms in California. They have some of the best personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles who have built a strong track record through successfully providing settlement to their clients who may have been witness to situations such as bicycle accidents, drunk driving, rideshare accidents, and so on.

Seville Briggs

In a situation wherein you may been victim to injustice of some kind due to civil rights violations, then Seville Briggs will connect you with the best civil rights attorney to protect them in the best possible way. Having good years of experience dealing with trials related to police misconduct, harassment charges, wrongful termination, improper wages and hours, etc., they are committed to ensuring that the rights of their clients remain protected at all times.

The Dominguez Firm

Founded in 1987, Dominguez Firm has some of the most seasoned legal experts having expertise in dealing with providing a considerate settlement for personal injury claims. Through their 96% success rate in these cases, they have made sure that the victims get fair compensation at all times. Recognized by the National Trial Lawyers’ Top 100 Trial Lawyers, this agency will ensure to give you adequate remuneration in case you become victim to instances such as medical malpractice, spinal cord injuries, and so on.

The Ledger Law Firm

True to their motto of helping people heal their lives, the Ledger Law Firm is an expert civil rights legal agency based in California. Through their strong expertise in dealing with these cases, they make sure that such violations do not take place. Additionally, through the strong proficiency they hold in providing settlement in cases where a person may have sustained injuries of some kind due to the wrongful misconduct of another. All these factors make them a reliable name in the market when people wish to get legal relief and respite, simultaneously.

The Barnes Firm

The last company on our list of top ten legal firms in California is the Barnes Firm. The agency will connect with some of the best-known personal injury attorney in Bakersfield having a good name through the successful trials they did in cases related to workplace injury, motor vehicle accidents, and so on. Working with them will make sure that you get a fair compensation and settlement from the defendant without any form of challenges at all.


It is understood that in a situation wherein you face challenges such as civil rights violation or injuries due to wrongful conduct of another, its impact can be quite nerve wrecking. However, when you have the best team of legal experts at your behest, then you do not need to worry any further.

In case you or someone dear to you has been witness to any of these instances, have this list handy to connect with the best personal injury and civil rights legal experts. They will work hard to protect your rights and get you appropriate settlement.



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