The Importance of Customer Service as a Security guard in California

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readMar 27, 2020

Work as a security guard can be a difficult job. It does have its own rewards, when you see the safety and security that they bring to society. Now, while it is imperative to be a serious professional given the nature of the job and its requirement to stay cool in a difficult situation, if a security guard in California comes across as distant or standoffish can make their job harder. If you focus on your customer service skills however, even a tense situation can be defused by being a personable fellow.

People never sue a doctor they like, even if he does a bad job. Generally, making the effort to be a like able person can go a long way towards comfort and being treated well at your job. In this write-up, you will learn a few ways that you can shore up your customer service skills

1. First impressions

In most businesses, the first point of contact customers see is either the reception, or the security guard. This means that the first potential face of the business is a security guard. This means that the first impression a customer forms is dictated by your behaviour to, so be on your best, always. If you have a uniform, keep if clean and ironed. Look professional and well groomed, and make sure you greet every customer individually. Small personal touches like greeting children or remembering names go a long way as well!

2. Body Language

Subconsciously, the body language of a person in charge effects the way people feel around them. No matter how tense the situation, you can help customers feel relaxed, and calm by speaking in a calm tone, and displaying a relaxed body manner. This will communicate to them that there is nothing to worry about, and let them feel relaxed and open as well. In addition, they will perceive you as a calm rational figure that they can trust in a panic.

3. Going Beyond the Line of Duty

While your job description is a good list of the tasks you might be expected to undertake as a security guard in California, it is by no means an exhaustive list. People always appreciate someone who goes above and beyond, so do the little things! Carry items for older customers, hold doors open, and answer questions that you know the answer to, even if it is outside your “job”. This establishes you as a team player to management as well, which can only be good for you.

4. Communicate Effectively

At first glance, many security procedures look like they are just random tasks to make someone look busy. For example, security patrols are essentially just…. walking around. This can lead to an impression that you are not actually working, and just looking busy. To prevent this misconception, take the time to initially explain not just what you are doing, but why you are doing it. This creates a sense of transparency and communication that will ensure that people remain on your side, rather than working against you.

These few tips will take you far if you apply them diligently. As a security guard, you definitely are the face of your company, so make sure that you’re always on your best, and you will be treated like the best! In addition, one of the most important aspects of security is being up to date with the news and having an ear to the ground. Not only will applying these skills make you more appealing to customers and employers, but it will also help you build a rapport with the regulars, that will ensure a steady supply of information for you to be aware of, so definitely shore up those skills, if you are a Security guard in California!



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