The Future Trends in Software Development India

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readDec 24, 2019


The hierarchy of software development in India has initiated its path gradually since the 1990’s in India. The journey of software development in India has educated the IT sector regarding several new innovative perspectives towards business. Throughout the journey of software development, the growth of the business has been evident. There has been a noticeable increase in revenues in IT, BPO and KPO sector throughout these years. It has also added to the GDP sector of India because of the major contribution of service sector according to a national survey of India. This counts to a respectable perspective towards software development in India.

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Software development is a concept of constant learning, innovating, improvising and upgrading. Hence in software Industry every second some new innovative idea, or software or something new comes out. The trends in everything keep changing constantly and hence the outlook of applying for a job, or a process or technology keeps changing as well. It is difficult for one person to keep track of all the changes happening across the industry. Thus it is necessary to keep a track of the main changing trends that may affect generally to most of them.

India is considered as one of the major outsourcing centre by the people from the Information Technology sector all over the world. There has been a noticeable export of software from India. Every software developer should be proficient towards the changing trends in India.

Some of the important trends in software development in India are listed below:

· Learning what’s new — Developers are paid high for their ability to learn and apply new languages in the projects. Due to which developers have learnt several new languages like python, ruby, etc.

· Programming language Python is growing as one of the most preferred programming languages after Java and C. It may beat these two languages in future. Two markable frameworks i.e. Mocronaut and Quarkus are under making that would make Java a better option for Server less computation.

· There have been many programming languages developed apart from traditional JAVA, C++, JavaScript, etc. The new languages focus on developers comfort designs.

· New programming languages like Rust, Go, etc. are getting importance in the recent trends of software development in India. Microsoft and Amazon both prefer RUST as the new language. Also, Kotlin is emerging in beating JAVA as Google officially opted for Kotlin in Android. This trend seems to continue in 2020 many big companies are getting interested in new programming like Rust, SWIFT, Typescript, Kotlin.

· JavaScript being the most accepted as Web Development framework, it may dominate frontend development in the coming year.

· Mobile app developments — There has been increasing demand dor development of mobile apps.

· Containerization — It is accumulating an application with all of its relevant files, information centres and other dependencies necessary for it to run in an organized and error-free path throughout various computing surroundings. Among the major ecosystems, Kubernetes (K8s) has been the major player.

· Infrastructure — More and more companies and organizations are turning towards Cloud. The availability of computer resources on-demand is Cloud computing. It is especially related to data storage and power computing, wherein direct user management is not required. Microsoft beat Amazon in proving cloud services to pentagon of 10 billion USD. Even Google and IBM have entered the business of cloud computing. Hence, year 2020 may see many more mergers and acquisitions. Also, there may be innovations like multi-cloud services.

· In Artificial Intelligence field, by Google and PyTorch / Torch by Facebook are the main player in this domain. Since Pytorch is Python friendly, it may gain more popularity in future.

· Microservices Architecture- Microservices is breaking down applications into smaller components that can work together. Some of the benefits of Microservices are Developer Independence, Separation and flexibility, Adaptability, Reliability to the business, etc.

· Databases, Data Lakes, Data Computation, Data streaming, Coding and Bytecode will also see major innovative revolutions in their domain.

Hence the overall scenario of Software Development in India is promising many and major revolutions in the Information Technology industry all over the world.



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