Surprise New Parents This Christmas with these Top 4 Practical Gifts List from Online Gifts Shop in Ahmedabad

Almonds with Tropicana Juice

For a mother, it is exceptionally important to remain healthy and fit so that she can nurse and take care of the child after giving birth. Thus, to help them in this process, you can present them with this special set of box filled with almonds and Tropicana Juice. The same will keep their health in the perfect order and give them the strength to work towards the child.


Giving a new life is indeed a very emotional moment for the parents. Thus, what better way to make this emotion framed in their hearts than with cakes! We have a diverse collection of flavours and shapes to select from. Have a look at them all and send it across to the new mother and father. In case you wish to surprise them, choose our service for online midnight cake delivery in Ahmedabad. This shall certainly bring priceless emotions of awe across their faces to add a new element of joy to the day.

Beauty Kit Set

New moms tend to stop taking care of themselves after giving birth to a child. It is however extremely important for them to do this. To this act as a guiding light in the quest to groom and look good, present this beauty kit set filled with lip balm, cream, perfume, etc. The same promises to make their skin, lips, etc, shining, alongside beautifying their persona when they apply it.

Cake and Flower Combo

If the mother or the father has their birthday on the same day as Christmas, then this cake and flower combo is apt for the same. We have a diverse collection of cakes and flowers to select from. Have a look at them all. From them, find the one that you feel will make both the events memorable and send flowers and birthday cake to Ahmedabad. Trust us on this; it will certainly add elements of happiness across their faces.



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