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Anthony Lockwood
4 min readMay 13, 2021


Being a mother is the most amazing feeling as she is no more the same person anymore. Her life changes oftenly as Mother plays the greatest duty in every child’s life because there’s nothing a mother cannot do. She selflessly spends her whole life protecting and loving her kids without any complaints or any regrets. Whichever stage of your life you are in you have always got your mother at your side always supporting you and she always being your biggest cheerleader. Like a pillar she stands before any problem comes to you and even motivates you whenever you feel low. Without telling her what’s wrong, she still can read you through your face and cheers you up by giving the best of advice. No one in this world can know you more than your mother. She is your best friend, your guide, your doctor, your teacher who is always there for you.

Mother often shows her love by surprising you with your favourite meals, unexpected hangouts, gossiping together and much more that is her way of showing her love and care. But as time goes by and kids grow they often forget to show her the gratitude of whatever she has done,you are always thankful to her and how much you love and adore her. You may not be able to say that through your words but you can show her gratitude by giving her the best of surprises. Everyday mother’s routine consists of household chores simultaneously doing office work and perfectly keeping balance in handling everything. She is never seen off her duty. So why not give some break and have some fun. Though you can never repay the things she has done for you but you can reciprocate by showering the same amount of love and affection by doing the sweet gesture and surprising her on this Mother’s Day.

You can make her feel special by surprising her with the gift offers we have brought for you and your mother. You may miss all good old days especially when you live far away so celebrate this mother’s day with all the special offers and gifting her with the surprises you may think best fits her. We have varieties of ideas and check our collection, order anything you like and make this Mother’s day special. This may help you convey your emotions for your mother.

Cakes and Sweets

If you want to make your mother’s day sweet just like your mother we have varieties of cakes and sweets that are baked with the finest of ingredients. We have the collection of chocolate cake, blackforest, strawberry, pineapple, vanilla flavoured and many more. You can also get customised cakes as you want.


Making her day as beautiful as she is you can brighten up your mom’s day by adding a dose of refreshing flowers. Expressing the symbol of love and admiration with flowers like roses, lilies and orchids you can amaze her with the cute message on the greeting card. The feeling of embezzlement and royalty will surely touch her heart.

Wellness gifts

You can also give your mommy a special basket which will make her feel special and together will also keep her healthy. How about a fruit basket which will be fresh and juicy with a decorative basket all along.

Jewellery and accessories

If your mom has a great style you can surprise her with the amazing jewellery and accessories. You can gift her with bracelet, earrings or necklace and also with other makeup accessories which will add little more


To gift something that is aesthetically pleasing, fancy and also that is long run usage which is nothing else but perfumes. This type of gift can be included in her everyday routine too. So select a scent that makes her feel mature yet youthful and become the reason for her cherished and good mood.

Home decor gifts

Mothers often love to decorate every corner of the house or their office place. So here this Mother’s Day you can choose from a collection of lamps, God idols, vases, bottle lamps, posters, photo frames and other types of items which adds up to decorate any corner of the house and ending up being the best memorable gift on her day.

Why only give one gift you may think so, and the solution for that is we have certain combo offers too where simultaneously that package contains a beautiful basket of all special things you want. One more thing which may bother you is about delivering, whether the selected gifts will reach your mother in time or not. But here you have our assurance that you need not worry the gifts ordered will reach your mother at her doorstep through our impeccable delivery service. So this Mother’s day, wish your mother in style and surprise her with your sweetest gesture.



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