Security Patrol Service: Roles and responsibilities

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readDec 10, 2020

As you all must be aware, security guards play a vital role in protecting our loved ones. These security guards provide safety and mental peace to us, making us believe that our belongings are always safe when we are not around. Can you ever imagine your lives without them? Honestly, the answer is that whenever we go somewhere out without worrying about our families or assets. The reason is that we know that they are available to safeguard and protect the wellbeing of everything around us.

Have you ever known the different security guards who always stay on their toes and fulfill their responsibilities towards us? Let us now have a look at the various types of guards:

In House Security Guards:

The in-house security guards, as the name suggests, work for a particular company or any business organization. So basically, they are not contacted through any agency. They are the ones who work in-house, and they are hired and paid directly through the organization that has hired them.

These security guards are often seen as bouncers at a nightclub, residential or housing security or bank security, and many others.

Government Contract Security Guards:

They work for the government as they are highly trained and work for government workers such as politicians. Their principal duty is to provide safety in places where govt. workers are involved, such as Courthouses and the police force.

Contract security guards:

These security guards are employed on a contractual basis, just in case, there’s an event happening in your city with lots of public invited via invitation cards and to do the inauguration ceremony some politician has been called. The company hosting a particular event will hire security guards on contract from private agencies. The guards will work in-house to manage the crowd or provide security to the politicians for the time being. They are not full time employed by the organizing authority.

As we all know that “To patrol” means to monitor the area in your presence. Like as you all might have seen, police patrolling in certain areas during any curfew time. So the duties of a patrolling security guard include the ones mentioned below in bullet points:

- They secure the environment near you. Make sure that your place is safe, sound, and secure enough for you to live.

- They help in restraining the trespassers. There are a lot of people violating rules and regulations. A Security Patrol officer must punish them and make people follow the rules.

- They are entitled to take action in case of any significant incident. They can do anything to prevent damage.

These people protect us day and night to lead a happy and healthy life with our loved ones. I hope you got to know everything necessary about these superheroes and how they help us stay in a safe environment.



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