Secrets behind Security Patrol Guards Keeping Themselves Active during Night Shift?

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readOct 10, 2019

The battle of changing for night shifts by patrol security guards can be tiring both physically and mentally. The reason being, it takes something other than flip-tumbling rest timetables to change in accordance with the night shift patterns. If not done right, in addition to the fact that it is fit for influencing their performance on the job, yet besides to their well-being and life outside of work. Mostly the crime tends to happen in the night so most of the premises prefer active unarmed or Armed Security Guards who always remain alert during unwanted situations.

Falling asleep on the job can be very disappointing for them and can affect their job performance we are here to help you how security guards can stay awake during the night shift:

· Increase Water Intake

Being a guard you may as of now know about the significance of remaining hydrated while on patrol during a day shift. But, did you know it’s proportionately significant to remain hydrated for patrol security guards at night to enable them to remain wakeful, alert, and fresh? Along these lines, use apps that can remind you to drink water on an hourly basis so that you cannot miss out on drinking water and keep yourself healthy and alert.

· Make Favorable Environment For Sleeping

Security patrol guards working in the night regularly will in general face issues like rest misfortune and fatigue. Furthermore, it’s because of the way that daytime rest is normally shorter, lighter, and of low quality that is effectively disturbed by daytime temperature and noise. Therefore, it becomes more significant to attempt to keep up a normal level of sleep and rest by creating a favorable environment. To do that, trying utilizing:

o Heavy curtains

o Eye cooler mask

o Earplugs

· Eat Smart

It’s the food that keeps us healthy and fine. In this way, take minimal additional care while considering the planning and quality of your meals. Rather than a single heavy feast, switch too few light dinners that are less inclined to cause drowsiness by efficient unarmed security services. Since stomach related issues are basic because of the interruption of the body clock so ensure those meals that are easy to digest.

· Stretch and Move

In case you’re positioned at a work area or at guard booth and incapable to leave, find creative approaches to move your body and keep blood streaming. Move your feet in circles and step them on the ground. Drum your hands enthusiastically on your thighs. Move your shoulders and lift your arms straight here and there once more. Walk up and down-stairs. Stroll all over the stairs or around the premises on breaks.

· Be Attentive

Being attentive it’s called being vigilant or hyper-cautious on duty. This doesn’t mean you should freeze each time you hear a sound in the distribution center/office at 1:00 am, it just means you don’t ignore any potential threats or dangers. Simply attempt and be engaged and know about everything around you.

Try not to release any irregular sound or exercises unattended or overlooked while you are at work. On the off chance that you hear any noises at 02:00, or 03:00 inside the office, ensure you explore it to guarantee the safety of yours and premises.

· Energize Yourself By Having Healthy Beverages

Espresso and other stimulating refreshments, for example, 5-hour caffeinated beverages can help keep you alert particularly on nights that you haven’t gotten enough rest during the day. Be cautious about which brand of refreshment you drink, because those that are stacked with sugar will be effective only for an hour or so. It’s better to choose protein shake or have lots of protein in your diet to keep alert and focused.


Security patrol jobs in Orange County is an essentially a dangerous job so one must follow the above tips to keep them alert and focused while on duty. Properly Unarmed Security Services or any of the security services from a reputed and well-known Security Company in Los Angeles can help add another level of protection. Hire the best security agency now in Los Angeles!!



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