Reasons why your office building needs a security guard

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readAug 7, 2019

We are living in an era where crime is at its peak every now and then there is some criminal that is committing a crime just as I’m writing this post and you are reading it there is someone who is up to something that is unethical.

Commercial security services by Security Guards

It has become very important that we take care of the security of our own and our loved ones. So, when you have a business and own a commercial building then security guards are necessary for the security of that building and your office.

So, if you are in dilemma that does your office building need a security guard then here the top 5 reasons why you’re building need a security guard.

Parking Lot Thefts

Over the years the thefts in the parking lot have increased a lot and because of which there are many complains of Grand theft auto, Vehicle break-in and many other.

So, at the parking lot of your office buildings happens to have a lot of this activity than a security officer is needed.

Neighborhood Crime

If your workplace is in some area where crime happens a lot from theft to many more by criminal gangs or alone criminals then a good security officer is needed for the security and maintenance concern. Check the area of your neighborhood surroundings and see if there anything suspicious happens over there so that if anything is wrong then you may need to hire a security guard.

Building Protection

If your building is open and not protected by walls, fence, gate or anything then your building is vulnerable to attacks and criminal activities.

It is been noted that in Los Angeles where the building was not having any kind of protection were the ones that got attacked the most for robbery, etc. That’s why many of them hired Security Guards in Los Angeles for the protection of their buildings.

Beggars in Area

If you’re building areas have a lot of beggars around than some of them can create disturbance in the area because they get themselves into fighting and can do stupidity after drinking so that will result into poor work environment and to maintain that you need to hire security guards so that there will be peace around your workplace.


Okay, you might think that here we are going off the topic but you have to understand that it’s also one of the main reasons why your office needs to hire a security guard because just by increasing security your employees will feel secure and by that you will see that they now can work at their full potential and will give better results.

So, as you can see that these were the main reasons why you need to hire security guards for your building and what are the benefits you will have after you have to protect your building.



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