Reasons Why Ecommerce Startups Are Unsuccessful

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readOct 14, 2019

Most eCommerce businesses start their eCommerce business fast without knowing about the successful path. Relatively starting the eCommerce business is relatively easy and not so expensive but it is more challenging for entrepreneurs to be successful in business. Behind the latest initiatives, due to the high competition, one out of maximum startups is active in the eCommerce industry. Do you know the common reason behind the failure of the eCommerce sites? You might get wonder to know about it. Continue reading this article to know the reasons for mistakes to minimize in the eCommerce business way.

Failure of ecommerce startups

Devaluing brand with poor product

Among the list of eCommerce tools, great products get unsuccessful due to the poorly written copy. Ecommerce development India explains Taste is with eyes to implement on websites. Including the same content for products on every vendor site never provides interest for a customer to get the product. One of the main reasons behind the unsuccessful eCommerce site is the poor website content. Poor English description for the product create poor launch to the customer. Including the poor product image also lowers the expectation of user interest.

Bad websites on cross platforms

No matter how the highest business plan is, without the good navigation website no one can be successful in an eCommerce business. In such a technical-obsessed world, modern website with security, great search, and user-friendly functions is required to attain acceptable success in the eCommerce industry. There are many excellent eCommerce platforms are available on the web to choose. To be one of the successful in the eCommerce business competition, avoiding the technical error and functional error on the website is necessary.

Oppose to save customer time lead to Dropping customer trust

Most of the eCommerce business site is unsuccessful due to the reason of wasting the customer time by asking their history. Employing multiple tasks to fill the customer details will make them neglect the process of buying products from the site. Ecommerce solutions India describes the reason for most of the eCommerce failure as most eCommerce businesses fail to make their checkout process in a simple format. The long checkout process in an eCommerce site, fail to provide a great experience for the customer to get their requirement on their way.

Not a responsive site

Most people used to use eCommerce sites on their mobile. Around billions of mobile users are being around the world. At the stage when the eCommerce startup businesses fail to make their site responsive for both mobile and system users it makes them get failure in business sales.

Misalignment of ads and pricing

Billions of customers approach the eCommerce site due to the offers and great deals. In the situation when the customer finds the blender cost related to the product after they visiting the offers, they get quit from dealing with the eCommerce websites. Adding the one-third of the product cost to the postage and packaging charge of the offer product makes the customer not to buy the product. This meant hidden fees are the big contributor to blocks the development of eCommerce business in eCommerce development India.

Implementing the generic line of products

When the customer finds the generic line of products and services from the eCommerce platform they avoid buying those products. Without the uniqueness of products and services to sell the product on an eCommerce site leads it difficult for businesses to be successful in the competitive industry.

The same product at the same price never helps the eCommerce businesses to sell the products. Ecommerce website with the low rank in organic searches doesn’t help to get the betterment from eCommerce solutions India. Lacking customer service from the poor team, poor online marketing, and product mistiming is also the static reason behind the eCommerce startups’ failure in the industry.

The key takeaway

Without the promotions on the website, it can’t get visible to the customer view. Big, trusting brand design from the business is necessary to be successful in the eCommerce industry. Mind the aforementioned mistakes to avoid while starting up an eCommerce business site.



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