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Los Angeles is the city in California. Now, this city is well developing and it is in technology era in which we are now living our life based on technology like mobile, electric light, bus, car, bike, etc. Without this people can’t live that’s our mindset. Using this technology crime also increases. To avoid these crime security guards are appointed to protect people, house, company, etc.

If you want to go for a long trip or going out for any other purpose that time also you want to protect your house, that time you can appoint or you can get help from the security guard. Particularly in cities like Los Angeles you need be fit both physically and mentally. Here are the lists of qualities you need to become a successful Security Guard in Los Angeles:

· Physical Body

· Trust-able person

· Communication skill

· Thinking skill in the critical time

· Punctual on duties

Physical Body:

To become one of the successful Security Guards in Los Angeles, the security guard must be fit, tall and healthy. Security must be active and attentive at any time and also the officer is ready to sacrifices their life to protect the people from a difficult situation. The officer should be a respected person and be polite to talk.

Even though if there is any problem the officer should take care of the problem and ready to solve the problem without any hesitation.

Trust-able person:

The officer should be genuine in the work. If there is any secret then that officer had to maintain that from getting out at any at any situation even if the officer in trouble. The Security Guards should be an honest and trust-able person. The officer is responsible for the house, company anything else.

The security has only one objective that is to prevent crime and save the people. The officer should be taking care of the Security Company.

Communication skill:

The Security Guard officers are well in communication. When the officer communicates with the people it should be clear, understandable, bold and honest. The officer wants to stand on the truth and loyal. In case of any emergency, the officer speech must be professional and want well-written communication skill. It is also responsible for the Security Guards to make visible to the people and gave hope and positive vibration to people to stay strong at critical situation. The officer should take care of personal injuries, theft, damages, etc.

Thinking skill in critical time:

Security Guards should be able to think right at critical situation. The officer wants the ability to think logically. Using reasoning skill has to identify the different ways to solve the solution. A great officer want to have this skill to solve the problem without any hesitate and be bold in any situation.

That time the officer should control their emotions and solve the problem using thinking skill ability. The officer should stand on Security Services and gave full support. The officer should manage the situation on own if the assault with a deadly weapon or any armed robbery at the time the officer should call the police for help.

Punctual on duties:

This is the basic qualification to become a successful Security Guard. The officer must be punctual on their duties without any reasons. If any problem then the officer has to go there on time and maintain peace in that place. The officer is hired to be a lookout for strange behavior or event and alert if anything happens.

Security Guards are responsible to handle the large gathering like political rallies, functions so he must be able to maintain the order on these large gathering. Being punctual is one of the best ways of staying focused in their job.



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