Pros and Cons of Hiring Home Security Guards in Los Angeles.

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readAug 1, 2019

Home security guards are individuals who shield us from criminals, destroyer and other such invaders who can powerfully go into our homes. Security guards are unique with home security devices and equipment. There are various sorts of security guards, for example, residential, industrial, business, armed — unarmed security services and many others every one of them has various kinds of duties and responsibilities to perform. You can hire a single security guard for your home or apartments directly or through a professional Security Company in Los Angeles.

Now let’s understand the Pros and Cons of home security guards:

Pros of having Home Security Guards:

· Extra Protection - Security Guards are additional protection for individual homes. We get secured when we feel like something is wrong in the premises.

Thefts usually hide in the parking area. One of the pros of home security guards is that they can walk you to your vehicle at a late hour.

They can secure your vehicles that are left outside.

A security guard can guarantee that all doors are safely locked.

They are valuable for watching the inward as well as external premises of apartments.

· Background Checks - When you hire security guards from an agency, it offers extra security to your home.

One of the security guard advantages is that they experience background checks that are performed by experts.

There are various oversight systems like licensing, screening, and training given to such expert security guard procured from an agency.

· Peace of Mind - We live in a world aggravated by criminals who can break our peace of mind regularly.

By setting home security guards at strategic point homeowner can be guaranteed that the individuals who enter the premises should initially go through the security monitor investigation.

Besides, numerous agencies additionally offer customized security arrangements fulfilling your financial limit and specific necessities, more significant to security measures.

When considering security guards advantages and disadvantages, licensed security guards in Los Angeles check all entryways, windows and different passageways in the outside when you are on holidays, guaranteeing that nobody can split in when you are away.

· Strong Obstacle - Why contract security guards? It is hard to secure the inside and outside of residential building premises. Criminals can simply stroll into the high rise through the opened front entryway or through a representative passageway. When they are in, they can easily access to individual homes and apartments.

Security guards can see guests and chat with them before permitting them through the entryways. They can keep the entryway secured instance of suspicious guests. This is one of the top advantages of private security.

· Emergency Situations - It is additionally valuable to have home security protects in homes situated in high criminal zones.

Professional Security Company in Los Angeles offers 24/7 security monitoring services.

The advantage is that every security guard can react straight away when there is an emergency.

Cons of having a Home Security Guard:

· Complete Guarantee not Assured - A security guard is a human and not a framework or machine and henceforth prone to fail. A human can’t be cautious 100% of the time.

Security guards can’t see everything going on in every last trace of room, while a camera could record the face or the exercises of a criminal and they can be looked up some other time.

· Cost - The cost of hiring a security guard will be more compare to installing a security alert system as we need to give them salary on a regular basis. Armed guards services are more expensive compare to unarmed security services.

· Finding an Ethical Person - It is very problematic to hire trustworthy and genuine security guard. In spite of the fact that agencies do direct individual verification but it’s not a full proof identification of an individual. A few agencies are not authorized and don’t lead proficient level checks.

Conclusion - Security guards are a resource for your home and there are benefits and disadvantages for hiring them to secure your home and premises. Just you are in a situation to choose whether the pros exceed the cons.



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