2020 Software Development Trends in India

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readFeb 4, 2020

IT or Recently Information Technology has been dominant. So let us have an overview of some of the prominent Software Development Trends in India. Software Development initiated its journey since the 1990s and has been gradually progressive in India where in there have been many new introductions and advances in this business. Looking at the hike in revenue and growth in this sector recently, it is a known fact now that Software Development in India would be regarded as the most lookup to trend in future.

Software Development India

It is a fact to keep innovating and changing if you are in the IT industry as each minute something new is invented, developed or launched in this world of software. The constant change in the trend asks for a parallel change in the technology, procedure and the process also needs to happen. Hence, it is necessary to observe and record the important changes in the trend that may affect each and all of them. Following points need to be remembered:

Learning latest trends: There is always a new software launched or an already software is upgraded and this trend is a constantly happening trend in the ever-growing IT industry and in the world of software.

Learn the vigorous advances and methods: Everyone must learn to manage their SDCL i.e Software Development Center-Lee.

The Leap in Cloud and Big Data: the rise in the Cloud passion and Big Data event needs to be followed to match the current market trends and stay in business.

The HTML5 fame: IT is for the local mobile applications development and several developers prefer this line form the basic areas due to the recognition.

The Mobile app wave: With the ever-growing demand in mobile apps, a process like iOS and Android app development require languages like Objective C and Appcelerator needs to be learned.

Some of the latest trends listed below could be considered for this subject of the latest trends in software development in India:

Cyber Security: Security your data as restricted for the internet to access it easily. Since more and more people are accessing the internet, keep your essential data and confidential details secured from hackers and cyber attackers.

Cross-Platform Development: The trend of in-house apps is receding and cross-platform development is being preferred instead of being the dominating trend in 2020.

PWA: PWA means Progressive web apps. They provide up-to-date and hazel free user experience and they are smaller as compared to the in-house apps. They are the correct combination of mobile apps and a website.

AI: AI means Artificial Intelligence. Today, almost all the software development is AI-driven due to automation as the businesses prefer AI to maximize their operations and generate a better user experience.

Block chain Technology — A block chain is a sequence of non-editable data records which are stored and controlled by a set of computer systems and not only by a single system. Thus there is transparency over all the stored data and paralleled safe as cannot be edited without a few matching credentials are entered.

The ever increasing demand of cloud services: Looking at the popularity of Cloud services, it seems that the issue of data storage has got its solution as cloud provides a secure, safe and reliable option for data storage. Hence Physical data servers are getting replaced by virtual data storage i.e. Cloud services. Following types of cloud computing are already being used –

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Infrastructure-a-a-Service (IaaS)

Immersive Technologies: Immersive Technologies such as VR –Virtual Reality, AR-Augmented Reality and MR — Mixed Reality is commonly used in the current generation of businesses. These immersive technologies provide opportunities to traverse fresh and innovative areas of software development.

Low or No-Code Development: It can be regarded as one of the crucial segment in software development trends in the year 2020. Low Code software development means building an app or software with the help of graphical user interfaces without using a programming language, coding in parts and visualizing it without taking developers assistance.



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