Impact of Technology in Security Industry

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readApr 29, 2020

Security guard technology is developing at a confounding rate. In the past, the security guard California organizations were totally reliant on desk work, yet today that is not the situation. Automating the security tasks with the assistance of a security guard management technology and a mobile patrol application isn’t just making the manager job simpler but also the security guards.

Consistently there is a new innovation that is being invented to improve and benefit the requirements and wants of humankind.

These advances are surrounding us, regardless of whether it is the smartphone or the increased security of our country, the new technology is unquestionably not restricted to just the consumers.

This is the reason there are different security challenges that homes and organizations face consistently, and new innovation can assist in their protection.

Security organizations are only one division of the workforce that is profiting by the technological advancement of late.

There are numerous new advancements in security innovation from the most recent year that are assisting with giving superior security guard services.

For instance — the IACT Responder Bag, MTS Multi-Threat Shield, and the utilization of security drones has increased rapidly.

Technological Changes

Security guard technology has advanced to incorporate mobile devices, cloud programming, drones, cameras, coordinated biometric get to control frameworks, and keeps on developing with the first version of robot-monitors. By far the greatest change has been the effect of mobile devices. Though they were once viewed as telephone first or as an interruption gadget, this impression has fast been replaced by smartphones and is being utilized to perform key job-related tasks.

In the security guard industry duty, for example, scheduling, checking all in and out shifts, and being made aware of and discovering trades for staff who neglect to show up are only a portion of the things being performed on cell phones. Add to that, mobile phones are additionally being utilized to assist in the operational tasks, for example, making reports, confirming patrol points (guard visits), seeing site data, catching site proof thus significantly more. These assignments are being acted continuously driving the requirement for this data to likewise be accessible to bosses so they can oversee representatives just as keep awake to date on what’s going on at client sites.


Technology has driven a huge change in the necessary makeup of the workforce inside a security guard organization. Security guards California organizations currently need to guarantee that the staff they employ are educated and comfortable with technology change. Organizations are moving endlessly from manual procedures, for example, calling out when discovering staff for shifts, utilizing pen and paper to perform watch visits, or for revealing that a client site is secure.

Security guards carry their own smartphones. A few guards are likewise provided with an organization cell phone to perform explicit, hands-on assignments. The organization’s workforce must be happy with utilizing innovative gadgets to perform their duties and should be trained appropriately to deal with all the new sorts of innovation that are accessible to them.

Additional Information

The future of security guards isn’t automated, yet it is a future that works with innovation to improve the effectiveness of guards and reporting. The security business is seeing another rush of development with advancements that can help with tracking, staffing, and considerably more. The most up to date security technology isn’t robot security monitors, it’s applications for handheld gadgets that allow guards to all the more likely track incidents, patrol routes, and thus significantly more.

The newest technology in the security business is handheld, putting the intensity of reporting, tracking, and consistency in guard’s hands. This kind of mobile patrol allows guards to all the more likely report on issues and oversees incidents. Applications are allowing security guards to work with constant cautions, task the executives, and so much more, all from a mobile phone or tablet.

As new advances keep on proclaiming development in the security business, it’s imperative to guarantee that your business follows the right safety procedure before implementing each new technology.



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