How you can become a bodyguard?

Anthony Lockwood
2 min readMar 2, 2020

Bodyguard is that one job which is in more demand nowadays because of the numerous of crime that are happening right now in this US. So, you must be thinking of become one and that’s good but what does it take to be a security guard. Well here are a few points that are needed to be a security guard.

1. Fitness

This is the first and one the few thing that is must in becoming a bodyguard because without this it’s hard for one to be a good guard the reason why is that being a guard means getting into conflicts a lot of times just to save the one who you are hired for so if you are having a good fitness then that will surely give you a upper hand.

2. Trained

If you want to be a good guard well then you need to be trained no matter what not just that you want even be qualified to be a guard if you are not trained so you see it’s a must because again there are a lot of conflicts in security job so when you get into a fight you need to trained to protect your client.

3. Be a ALERT detector

A bodyguard should be trained to detect if anything is wrong in the environment because if anything is suspicious then you can protect your client beforehand and by this you can also be prepared for anything that is about to come.

4. You must understand your job

You must have a thorough understanding of your job because the one who clearly understand what he supposed to do is invincible. Just like any other job you should have a clear path of what your duties are in a job that you are hired for this way you will able to perform at your fullest.

5. You need communication skills to be good at you work

Communication is a must because your job is the one that needs a lot of talking and without that you won’t be a guard I guess sure if you are not able to talk that’s ok but if you can than you should be a good communicator. You should know sign language too through which you can make your client aware of danger with they being unaware “that you know something’s suspicious”.

6. License

At last when you are good at all these 5 points then you need to have a proper license that will make you a security guard in Los Angeles and in other cities. Every state and county have their own process of becoming a guard and that’s when you’ll receive an official license for being a security guard.

So, as you see that this is how you can become a bodyguard.



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