How modern security helps mitigate risks at events

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readJan 13, 2020

The Steady march of technology has resulted in changes all across industries in changing how they do things. The internet has made huge revolutions in the way we do things, such as email, ecommerce, or net banking because of the new ways of interaction and communication enabled by it. The improvement in size has made it possible to miniaturize devices like cameras and microphones, and economically make sensors and detectors. All these new products in the market have resulted in new threats to security on a fundamental label, and so new methods have been developed as well to combat them using modern technology.

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How is modern technology used to augment security at events for risk minimization?

An event is vulnerable across three broad times- before the event, after the event, and the duration of the event itself. Each of these three zones poses different challenges to the security of the overall event, and have their own methods of security. Let us take a look at the various kinds of threats in these three areas and how they are dealt with.

· Before the event

While the thought of security work before the event sounds a little weird, a little preparation and legwork before the beginning of an event can save a lot of money, manpower, and time down the line.

Social Media has changed the exact point at which attendees of an event start interacting with each other-today, the interaction starts well below the events start date on social media. By actively monitoring these channels of communication and watching for potential problems ahead of time, contingencies can be executed that prevent issues.

In addition, a survey of the venue by security personnel ahead of time can assist in future surveillance and security-related tasks like CCTV installation, electronic alarms, and other deterrents.

· During the event

Modern surveillance tech is a boon to security services. CCTV cameras can be implemented to monitor guests as they move about the venue with 100% coverage. With the visible deterrent that security cameras provide, as well as the video footage, CCTV provides a useful tool to security guards in Los Angeles, it is standard for a security detail to include camera installation.

Access control in the form of electronic ID, electronic doors, and biometric authentification is far superior to the old fashioned way of doing things, and have made the job of securing the perimeter far easier.

Electronic scanning of the underside of vehicles can also be implemented to observe the undercarriage to make sure no explosive or other incendiary material is concealed.

· After the event

After the conclusion of an event, CCTV cameras and data loggers can help find any stragglers that remain in the area. In addition, a big problem during the aftermath of an event is opportunistic criminals who are waiting to steal valuable data or equipment left over after the event. Full detail of security guards in Los Angeles venues can protect assets at this time. They provide both a visible deterrent and can act in case of an actual incident. Electronic surveillance also comes in handy here to tag and capture photos that can be handed to local law enforcement. Electronic logging of inventory both before and after the event keeps track of all assets during this time, with an auditable paper trail.

With the assistance of a well-experienced security team up to date with the latest in modern security technology, security at your next event can be a breeze. By planning carefully for any exigencies ahead of time, a good Security Guard In Los Angeles can streamline the flow of an event and prevent harm to patrons, property, and proprietors.



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