How effective can be security in Hospitals?

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readMar 5, 2020

As a hospital security guard, the staff, patients and visitors are protected and make sure that every hospital property is safe and secure. Their duties are to safe guard the building and its premises, monitor all the in and out activities of the hospital and try to prevent fire, damage, theft and any other kind of disturbances within the premises.

security in hospital

Hospitals irrespective of the season can have a heavy traffic volume daily as most of the visitors who come to meet their dear ones are mostly unidentified visitors. Hence, it is a prime duty of the hospital owners to be attentive to their facilities in the hospital with security guard services in California, acknowledging that hospitals normally have costly equipment which is worth in millions of dollars.

Let us see some better effects of securities in hospital:

  • Looking for security guard services in California for a hospital can be considered a good choice as the security guards strategically make sure that unauthorized personnel does not enter the restricted and volatile spaces and can assist in screening the people who enter and leave the hospital.
  • Screening the visitors helps in keeping everyone in the hospital building as well as hospital premises safe. The visitor screening procedure can include the assistance of the assigned guards in the security guard agency and the use of surveillance cameras.
  • Integrated Security Systems- Though the security services may take action whenever emergencies happen, they will mostly require the support of security systems which are used to monitor as well as raise alarms when required. Systems like access controls and emergency alarms assist in making emergencies better manageable.
  • Access Controls- The areas that are restricted should be accessible to the authorized personnel only and to make sure that this happens, access controls must be installed. Along with access controls the authorized personnel should be given key-cards that are necessary to enter in the restricted areas.

Most of the security guards providing agencies in California are having an experience of over a decade in the field. Thus they can handle any kind of threats in a smooth and quick manner. Some of the main benefits of these security services can be:

· 24-hours Supervision.

· Guards Tailored as per the Clients’ requirements.

· Qualified Applicants

· Installed Wireless Time Clocks

Below are some of the duties of a hospital security guard California:

  • Protecting visitors and employees: The very first duty of a security guard in a hospital is to make sure that everyone is protected in the building and its premises at all times. Either a person is wielding a weapon or simply threatening people by provocative actions or words, they should always be ready to protect the patients, employees and visitors as no one can predict what is going to happen at any given point of time in the hospital.
  • Guard Information: Hospitals are loaded mainly with all types of information that can be private, medical and personal so their main duty is to prevent that information from getting misused. They assist in making sure that everyone’s medical records are kept safe in closed doors so that no one enters and accesses the important personal information
  • Supervising medications: Mostly drug addicts would not bother about breaking into a hospital to steal pain relievers that are very powerful and there are chances that those medications can be stolen. Hence hiring a professional security guard to protect the prescriptions can be a good choice.
  • Respond to emergencies: If a patient’s condition goes suddenly from bad to worse, someone is required who is always available to assist in any possible manner.
  • Address and escort patients: Patients expect a friendly face whenever they reach the hospital, mostly because they are nervous and do not like to be at the hospital. The security guards placed at the hospital entrance assist in settling the minds of the patients by addressing them with a smile and point them in the correct direction or escort them to assist to let foot traffic flow smoothly.
  • A professional security guard is to assist wherever he or she can irrespective of the task, they would do whatever is required to assist in the situation.



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