How eCommerce is making our life easy

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readAug 22, 2019

E-Commerce is the process of buying or selling products utilizing electronics such as mobile phones and through the internet. It refers to both online retailing as well as electronic means of transactions. E-commerce has abundantly grown in popularity over the last decades and it’s replacing the traditional stores and supermarkets. They enable one to buy or sell their products globally, twenty-four hours a day without any holidays. E-Commerce solutions India is growing rapidly in the markets of Asia.

Ecommerce solutions India

Advantages of E-commerce

Time-saving: It is very difficult for a customer to travel a long distance to buy their need. E-commerce allows them to buy it online from where they were.

Deals, Bargains, Coupons: Through online deals, bargains, group buying, and coupons shopping are more convenient. If there is an offer on house-hold groceries females will find it and use of this opportunity.

Provide more information: In physical stores, there will be limitations to the amount of information that can be displayed. Because it is very difficult for employees to respond to the people who require information about the product. E-commerce can make possible to display the additional information easily available to the customer.

Locate the product quicker: It is very difficult to find all our needs in one spot, how long can we push the shopping cart for purchase. Through e-commerce website, customers can navigate the things they want in the search box to minimize their searching time for the product. E-Commerce development India makes sure to make the application and website minimal to helps us to navigate the product very easily.

Provide comparison shopping: It facilitates comparison shopping. There are several online stores where they permit the customer to surf multiple e-commerce merchants and find the best price among them.

Create targeted communication: If the customers are once registered to the e-commerce website and by placing the cookies on the customer’s computer or mobile phone, an e-commerce merchant can get further more details about their customer. Through this, they can communicate relevant messages. If the person is surfing for mobile phone on, you will automatically show listings of other relevant products. At the same time, Flipkart can mail you about your related surf.

24/7: Nowadays online stores are open 24/7 throughout the year. According to the merchant point of view, this may increase the number of orders they receive. At the same time from the customer’s point of view,’’ always open’’ this means they can buy anything at any time and from anywhere.

Lower’s cost: One of the positive thing of e-commerce is the price of any gadgets and things are less when compared to physical stores.

Encourage an impulse buy: It is one of the techniques, it is related to human psychological control like some people possess personality traits this is said to be impulse buying tendencies.

No geographical limitations: There are geographical limitations for physical stores but online stores, there are no geographical limitations. The advantage of e-commerce is the store is visible to any part of the globe.

New customers via a search engine: Through e-commerce day to day new customers will be gained. Online retail is only driven by the search engines but the physical stores require branding and relationships.

Re-target your customers: Through coupons and deals can easily retarget and sell the products easily.

No need for physical company set-ups: There is no need for physical company setups; it is profitable for an investor. Easy to start and can manage easily.

Customer reviews and comments: Through these reviews and comments we can work on it and rectify it. It gives trust among customers.

These are all the advantages of e-commerce. It will be one of the best options for shopping where you are for 24/7.



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