How can one become a security guard for VIP’s?

Anthony Lockwood
2 min readApr 1, 2020

It’s great to see that you want to be a security guard and also for a VIP well but you know that being a security guard takes a lot of thing with guts well because it’s a risky job as you can get into trouble any time and it will be more likely as you’ll be a security guard for a VIP then they are the most vulnerable to get attacked because of their popularity, fame and money.

So, here are few of the quality that you need in order to become a vip’s security:

1. Physique

Physique scares more criminal than anything else because a physique gives an alert to the criminal that getting to that target is not that easy to get to.

2. Training

This is one of the most important skill that a security guard must have because without this “YOU WON’T BE A SECURITY GUARD”. Imagine you got the body for a bodyguard and you ran into a trouble while as a guard where it involves physical combat then you are not good without that skill. This way you’ll only be a bigger problem for you and that VIP.

3. Observational Skill

This is also one of the most important skill that is required in a security guard. If a guard has this skill than it will boost the value of that guard by 50% and this will result in guard to avoid the problem that is about to happen beforehand as if the guard who is there can figure out that anything suspicious is there in the environment that can led to potential danger then that will only help to stop this and save the client beforehand.

There are many steps for being a guard but these are the most important ones. So, when you are done with these steps then the next part is to join any security service agencies in your are let’s say if you live in California then find a company that deals with Security guards in California that’s when you’ll got to know if there is any requirement for a security guard for VIP’S.



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