Five kinds of businesses that need to hire Security guard services

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readJul 22, 2020

When you own a business in one of the most tourist friendly cities in the world, you must know the difficulties of dealing with a large number of customers. Sanitation, food, water, restrooms, legal obligations…the list is never-ending. The number of things that you must take into account are tremendous! There’s one thing however that many people forget to account for, and pay dearly for later, the security needs of their businesses. To give you some idea of the different ways that security guard services help businesses, take a look at this article.

1. Special Event Security: Security companies in Los Angeles are used to catering for security for large special events. As one of the most heavily toured areas in the world, security companies are familiar with all the requirements for such events, and can set up contingencies for all kinds of incidents. This includes temporary set ups for CCTV, Access Control, Bodyguards and more. SO the next time you have an event, account for potential accidents and take charge by hiring some security.

2. Construction Sites: Construction sites dot the landscape of the city, as the fast pace of development and incoming residents require housing and services to keep up their lifestyle. However, construction crews don’t work throughout the day, and construction sites are frequently a target for would be thieves looking to make a quick buck off the unattended construction equipment. Things like wire, metal scrap, and construction equipment make for valuable, easy scores. Prevent occurrences like this by having security guards in orange country patrolling your premises at night.

3. Movie Set Security: As the city home to Hollywood, the national capital of the movie industry, LA is filled to the brim with stars, both established and upcoming ones. Movie sets are frequently broken into by crazed fans, either looking to score a sweet piece of movie myth, or less innocently, stalkers or fans who mean harm towards a star. The camera and lighting equipment is also a ripe target for thievery. Protect your movie stars and investment, with personal securityguards on your movie set.

4. Retail Security: The largest source of revenue loss in retail areas is typically shrinkage, that is product that is lost to theft. This theft can be either from within, as employees frequently steal, or by shoplifting customers. Security companies make their bread and butter from this kind of work, efficiently setting up access control, loss prevention, and surveillance methods for a multiple pronged approach to identify and prevent thefts in action. The cost of a security detail round the clock is dwarfed by the potential savings, so don’t wait!

5. Healthcare Facilities: At a medical center or hospital, the number one priority is the safety and well-being of everyone involved. While the patient medical health is up to the doctor, the physical well-being of the facility at large is left to the humble security guard. But why is a security guard service needed in a hospital? Psychotic patients, drug seeking individuals, and distraught relatives can all pose a threat to the other people in the facility, so an active presence of security guards is more than essential in a healthcare facility.

As you can see, most kinds of customer facing businesses can benefit from security guards in one way or another. Whether it’s to protect capital, other customers, or the area itself, security guards are an indispensable bridge between law enforcement and the normal man. The businesses in this list serve as an illustration of how different areas of security must be considered as part of the security needs of a business, so only use this as a starting point to consider your own needs. Contact a security company in LosAngeles who can help you better understand your needs if you want to learn more.



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