Ensuring Organizational Security amid the CoVid19 Pandemic

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readNov 27, 2020

On March 11th 2020, WHO (World Health Organization) declared Coronavirus a pandemic resulting thereby in an overall drastic change in the way humans interacted apart from challenging cyber security and data privacy as well to a great extent.

As per a research conducted by Check Point it has been deduced that close to around 4000 coronavirus domains got registered since January 2020 in Los Angeles with these being fifty times more likely to have malicious impact.

What Does This Mean?

This means that the business, the employees as well as the clients, all are at risks of security threats thereby making it exceptionally essential for a security company in Los Angeles to take adequate measures to protect the same in the best possible manner.

Read the lines below to get an idea of some of the tips that need to be taken into consideration to protect the safety of these areas during the ongoing crisis

Precautionary Measures to Preserve Organization Safety during Coronavirus Crisis

Create Emergency Preparedness Plan

Amid the ongoing pandemic, organizations in the USA are imbibing several safeguards in order to safeguard their business and their employees with the creation of an Emergency Preparedness Plan. The plan includes details of steps to be taken into due consideration before or in a situation of an outbreak with the additional mention of security guards services to maintain the overall security of these areas as well as those working there.

Ensure the Workplace Health

Keeping employee satisfaction and expectations in due consideration it is essential to place strong emphasis to sanitizing and disinfecting the workplace on a whole. This includes commercial security service like cleaning the floors with disinfectants, doing temperature scans of those entering the premises etc, to name a few to maintain the overall health of the workplace.

Preserve Social Distancing

During this CoVid19 pandemic it is mandatory to maintain social distancing to protect people around as well as the people themselves from any kind of physical contact. Thus, to ensure the same gets followed in the best possible manner it is suggested for those working as security guards in Orange County to ensure orderliness around these areas.

Understand the Risk

Remember coronavirus is a serious pandemic that has affected people from all over the world. It is thus imperative you understand the risk and its impact on organizations as well as the lives of people at large. This will help you outline measures to protect yourself and the people around you from this ongoing pandemic. Some of these precautions include encouraging work from home, monitor any kind of cyber security threats, etc, among others, to name a few.

Maintain Order in Hospitals

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak and the overly high percentage of hysteria surrounding it has resulted in a majority of the people rushing in flocks to hospitals to get themselves tested for the same. This is however not healthy in regards to the situation and also the functioning of this area. Thus, to preserve the orderliness and social distancing in the best possible manner it is suggested to maintain patrols around these waiting areas.

Following these tips you can ensure the safety and security of these areas amid the ongoing pandemic and prevent any possible security breach.



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