E-Commerce trend to enhance sales in 2019

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readJul 6, 2019


E-commerce is changing every now and then and it continues to be rising in the sale of produces via the mobile phone. A recent survey says that around 55% of sales were increased through e-commerce in the year 2018. The customers’ interest towards the products is also exponentially high and 38% of the shoppers are now expected to have a high street business to offer the products on the same day.

E-commerce development India is in line with the web designing trends and that pushes the sales rate to march forward. For instances, the feature of advanced technology like responsive sites, fast and other shopping platform helps in driving the importance of e-commerce. Here are some of the top trends of e-commerce in the current business world.


The motion of pictures instead of the static screen will always attract the attention of the viewers. This is one o the significant reasons to have some auto-play videos on the social media platform. It is the best option to use some animation and movement on the sites or through the email marketing campaigns to grab attention to specific information. This also helps in engaging the viewers in some activities. Remember that it is not the right option to overdo those videos since it may distract attention towards the important elements of the videos.

Use appropriate images

Despite changing trends, one thing that was in practice for a long time is the images. Without these images, the product description will not be completed and your customers also will not acquire complete information about the product. It is found that, if the home pages have the right and attractive images there are 45% chances for the website to be visited by the people. On the other hand, the website with not images gets low views from the customers.

Content rules the e-commerce

No doubt, content is something to decide or rule the World Wide Web. Maybe people may visit the site form the images and videos but the strongest part is the content. Unless your content is right and appropriate to the product, people would not prefer it. So, do not forget to concentrate on the headlines and stats in your content.

Voice search

Currently, only 20% of the searches are carried out via voice search and as the technology advances, it is expected to have at least 50% of searches via voice search in the year 2020. It is generally longer when compared to the typed searches and the devices will also be able to read out the product description. This makes still an easier way to convey the information to your customers to have good sales conversion.

Smart payment process

Payment is the final step in the process of online shopping for customers. It is found that around 70% of the people add things to the cart but they skip without paying for it or purchasing it. Around 28% of the clients quit the process of shopping just because of slow loading time or some other issues in the payment process. If you need to be ahead in the competition of the e-commerce world it is important to offer the best place for the payment and checkout process as well.

As the influence of the smart phone and devices are increasing the e-commerce industry is also experiencing a huge transfer dynamically in recent years. There are also a number of e-commerce development companies evolves to help you in the process. Make use of such trends that are offered by the technology to sustain and be successful in the modern technology influenced the business world!



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