Different Types of Security Guards or Security Services you Must Know

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readSep 11, 2019

The security business is tremendous. There are wide scopes of services you can access from it. These services can help satisfy different jobs as per your needs. Regardless of whether you are arranging an occasion, starting a business, beginning a retail location or simply sorting out a gathering, the industry has some services or the other that can help improve the well being of your premises or occasion and guarantee it keeps running with no issues.

A security guard stops crime from happening they implement standards to protect and ensure individuals property, merchandise, and enterprises. In any case, did you know there is a wide range of security services? Although most security guards do something very similar — monitors and protect. So whether you are looking into a career of security guards or hoping to hire security services in Los Angeles than understand below security services as all these security guards can have altogether different jobs

· Residential

A private security watchman is in charge of ensuring a look-out for housing properties. Housing properties would incorporate high rises, helped living communities, gated networks, and even dormitories or student housing. Private security guards are accused of not just shielding the property from robbery or vandalism, yet in addition, ensuring the occupants living there must be safe and secured.

· Executive Protection

This type of security services is mostly for high profile executives like Chief Operating Officer, Manager, Director, and VP of the company. As such a person gets threats and damages so one has to be protected so that they can work safely for the organization. In executive protection, there is a personal security guard provided who is always with the executive to secure them from personal threats and damages.

· Commercial

A private business property more often requires some kind of security which is the place where you will see business security guards. These security guards are accused of defending business properties, yet they may likewise be in charge of observing commercial regions, looking at workforce in and out, ensuring private business data and competitive innovations, and significantly more. From a little therapeutic practice to a 10-story place of business, commercial security guards are working diligently keeping your business, your assets, and your representatives safe.

· Mobile Patrol

Mobile patrol is continuing patrolling for your business or home premises. The security guards patrol your office and home premises on a dedicated vehicle day and night to check any suspicious activity or threat. If you are looking for mobile patrol in the region orange county many security patrols in Orange County is done by professional security service agencies. You can hire them if needed.

· Event Security

Anything that goes under an occasion goes under this sort of security services. It could be private gathering, a wedding or a huge scale occasion with many individuals. Security services give tight security at occasions through a few different ways.

Access Points: For a private occasion, you don’t need any unknown person to enter. So a security guard guarantees that just those with required pass get in and the individuals who don’t are discreetly dismissed without a scene.

Crowd Management: Any occasion that draws an enormous number of individuals should be overseen well. A security service has the skill to guarantee your occasion area is sorted out well to deal with the group. Simultaneously, security guards are available to guarantee a smooth progression of the occasion.

Prevent Conflict: Conflict can happen whenever with liquor streaming and high interests. A security guard will intercede at the correct minute to guarantee clashes don’t grow into a battle.

· Armed and Unarmed Security Service

Many security guards do not carry a gun and other weapons to protect an individual is called unarmed security service whereas armed security guards do carry guns and other necessary weapons to protect an individual. Armed security service is needed when an individual’s life is in danger, potentially strained situation, and if the business is located in a high crime area than in such cases armed security services is essential.


Whether you are looking for a job or need to hire security guards one should understand all of the above and many other security services.



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