Difference between Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

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What are armed security guards?

Armed security guards responsibilities depend on the state in which they are doing a job, every state has different laws. In some states, armed security guards with weapons can arrest a victim while in some other states they cannot. Licensed armed security guards in California can legally arrest the person if he/she has committed a crime under proper investigation. Thus, armed security guards are those who can carry weapons while on duty.

Unarmed & Armed Security Guards In Los Angeles

What are unarmed security guards?

Unarmed security guards are those who do not carry any weapons or does not have any license to arrest a victim they are only responsible to observe and report a crime or a victim. These are the guard who has undergone basic security guards certifications to be employed as security guards.

Now let’s understand the difference between armed and unarmed security guards:

When to hire armed security guards?

o Extremely Valuables Are Involved

There are a few fortunes that require a high level of safety. In the event that your objective in employing security guards is to ensure resources of great worth, for example, extremely valuable jewels or art, political meeting, in the bank, etc. you might need to think about armed security guards.

o High Crime Area

A few settings are more inclined to violent outbreaks than others.

For example establishment in high crime region, especially ones that work during late-night hours, for example, bars and dance club. Another example is hospital emergency rooms, particularly those that as often as possible treat those engaged with gang fights or other crimes.

When deciding if to hire armed security guards in your viciousness inclined area, think about whether the nearness of furnished guard will serve to diffuse strain and defend against brutality or whether seeing a weapon may provoke further escalations.

o Guards Behind the Spot

Seeing an equipped guard may present the idea that the business is definitely not a sheltered spot to be, so the security group must convey weapons so as to ensure it.

In this way, the equipped guard is regularly best utilized in the background jobs, rather than directly being in the public’s eye. They can rapidly show up their responsibilities on the scene when required, yet up to that point, they can stay away from the general public.

When to hire unarmed security guards?

o If you Need to Save Money

When in doubt, armed guard cost more than unarmed ones. For those on a restricted spending plan, this may naturally settle on unarmed guards the most intelligent decision.

Past the expanded hourly expense for armed guards, there may likewise be different costs that accompanied hiring armed security. For example, on the off chance that you keep an armed guard on your premises, your insurance expenses may go up.

o If a business want to keep away themselves from liability

Property owners might be held at risk for the activities of the security guards on their grounds. On the off chance that an armed guard shoot somebody and causes damage or death, then business owners are responsible for that.

On the off chance that you are not happy with this level of liability, consider procuring unarmed security, who can utilize non-deadly weapons to deflect wrongdoing and brutality

o Access to Law Enforcement Is Fast

On the off chance that cops can be immediately conveyed to your site, you may not need armed security. Rather, set your unarmed security collaborates with specialized devices with which they can connect with the police.

For settings in which numerous unarmed security guards are nearby, they ought to likewise have a simple method to speak with each other, for example, two-way radios.


For both the private and the business properties these sorts of security guards powers are adapted for different reasons. There are two kinds of forces accessible armed and the unarmed, based on the type of your requirement and budget you can select anyone accordingly. Consult the best Security Company Los Angeles for the same.



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