Changing Role of Security Guards in California amid the CoVid19 Pandemic

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readJul 3, 2020


One of the biggest threats to our security and safety this year has been none other than Coronavirus. This dreaded pandemic has captured almost every sector and at the same time seen many people getting locked up at their houses.

Places like USA in particular have witnessed close to around a 20 million getting unemployed, many stores, organizations etc remaining closed and many of the people seeing themselves adapting to a new way of life, that is to say, working from home.

On an optimistic note though security guards and their services especially in regions like California have seen a steady spike and rise. Many of the companies that employ these essential workers have seen themselves making a good amount of revenue due to the popularity of these workers so as to say.

Now you may wonder the factors or reasons responsible for the same? So, here’s discussing the same in detail below.

Factors Responsible for the Popularity of Security Guards in California

Since most people have gotten stuck at their houses in California amid the CoVid19 pandemic and most have seen themselves working from homes alongside most stores etc remain shut, business owners in turn wanted to ensure that the security of their documents, their organization and so and so forth remained intact.

Also, at the same time, to prevent the rate of crimes to a great extent in turn has led to these essential workers seeing a steady spike in terms of getting employed.

Here are some reasons responsible for the rise of employment of security guards in California.

Increased Rate of Work from Home Employees

Due to the increased rate of work from home employees in California, many organizations most prominently the IT sector has had the fear of their cyber security or data getting breached or leaked. Thus to ensure that the same gets protected in the best possible manner many cyber security employees have seen themselves getting employed in California and getting paid a good amount of money for the same.

Prevent Crimes

Another main factor that has seen security guards in California getting employed at the highest rate has been to prevent crimes. Currently the George Floyd issue has seen a rampant rise in the rate of crimes. For instance, many stores and shops saw themselves getting burnt down. Thereafter, many people started shooting police personnel etc to drive awareness around this issue and fight against the atrocities. Thus, to ensure that the safety and security of the citizens in California is maintained in turn has led to these essential workers getting employed at an extremely high rate.

Champion the Concept of Social & Physical Distancing

Coronavirus demands social and physical distancing. However, many in places like California have not been able to get an insight into the importance of this concept. Mostly in stores, etc where people have to maintain a definite percentage while entering, many have been reluctant to follow the same. Many have even seen themselves breaking the rules. Thus, to ensure the adherence to the concept of social as well as physical distancing has in turn led to the security guards in California getting hired in stores etc to the greatest level.

Protect the Security of Organizations and Restaurants

Due to the CoVid19 pandemic, many organizations and restaurants in California mostly remained shut. Thus, to ensure and protect the security of these places and guarantee zero crimes or break-ins, security guards have seen a steady spike in their employment. At the same time, their services have started seeing utmost recognition in the wake of this pandemic.

Many security service companies have made enormous profits due to the same in California and have thereafter contributed to the cause of getting these front line workers getting paid well and starting to get recognized to preserving safety as well as security of the people living there.

Thus, in short due to the pandemic the services of the security guard in California has seen a change in an overall positive manner with them getting recognized as front line workers who ensure that the security and safety of the business and the workers remain intact while keeping their health and safety in check and priority as well.



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