Birthday Gift Ideas Guaranteeing a Special Birthday Event for Your Beloved Friend in Ahmedabad

Anthony Lockwood
4 min readSep 23, 2020

“A friend is your best guide, confidante and mentor who stands by you in your good and bad times.” This is a very true quote indeed.

There have been several quotes for them which makes their special role in the life of a human being quite obvious indeed.

With the world irked by the storm of the CoVid19 pandemic, we understand the difficulty linked to spending special events together including your friend’s birthday. Courtesy though to the presence of an online gift shop in Ahmedabad, the task has become considerably easier. You can easily scroll through a wide collection of gifts, find the right one and have it sent across to surprise them on this special day of theirs.

In the article below we have listed down some unique gifts that promise to make their birthday a worth reminiscing one.

Gifting ideas for your friend who live in Ahmedabad

Surprise Your Friend Living in Ahmedabad with these Amazing Gift Ideas

Red Roses Bouquet

Roses are famed for embodying several emotions like love, longing and care, all at the same time. So why not send flowers bouquet to Ahmedabad to express all these emotions to them on this special day of theirs? You can be assured when the same reaches them they will have a gleaming joy on their face that will make the day even more memorable.

Best Friends Collage Photo Frame

Memories are precious and those you create with your friends are priceless. Capture all the images of your friend and you in this special collage photo frame and gift it to them. This will certainly take them to those moments you created together and make their birthday quite eventful indeed.


With the world engulfed by the Novel Coronavirus, when you set out to buy watches online in Ahmedabad for this very integral part of your life, they will get the zeal to fight amid the adversities. Also, it will offer them the much-needed hope required in the current scenario.

Chocolate Bouquet

How about surprising your beloved friend on their birthday with this special chocolate bouquet? This will certainly be one of the best gifts to sweeten the day and the event for them. Try going further and adding a note with it. This will bring out an expression of joy that will make the day precious and momentous both at the same time.


Select a flavor that your friend is fond of the most and with a special midnight cake delivery in Ahmedabad, send it across to them. The level of surprise will grow exponentially with the present and make their birthdays even more reminiscing.

Personalized Mug

Gift your friend this special personalized mug with a special message embedded on it or with memories on them. This will certainly bring a smile while sipping through a hot cup of tea or coffee from it.

Photo Cake

Surprise this special part of your life with this unique photo cake and send birthday cake to Ahmedabad. This will make them feel the depth of emotions you have for them.

Personalized Mobile Cover

This is the perfect birthday gift for your gadget freak friend. Promising to enhance the look of their smartphone or iPhone device the same guarantees to be the best gift you can consider to surprise them.

Chocolate Cake with Special Red Roses Bunch

With a unique cake delivery to Ahmedabad send a chocolate cake alongside a special red roses bunch to them. This will certainly convey a thousand emotions to them that even words cannot fathom express.

Personalized Greeting Card

Gift this personalized greeting card to express the deep emotions of love you have in your heart for them. This will certainly make them realize the value they have in your life and deepen the bond of friendship between you two.


If your friends are sweet connoisseurs then send sweets to Ahmedabad from a diverse collection of sweets available on an online portal. This will go a long way in making them feel loved and special both at the same time.

We all know the value of our friends. They hold a strong influence on our life.

Amid the pandemic where all are suggested to maintain strict social distancing, it becomes quite difficult to spend birthdays together. However, the presence of online portals has made this task considerably easier.

Choose from the gifts listed above and send the gift online to your friend living in Ahmedabad. This will certainly make your bond deep and strong though you may not be physically present.



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