Best Cannabis Dispensary in California

Anthony Lockwood
1 min readOct 15, 2021


California is one of the biggest hubs of the cannabis dispensary in the world! And you know to find the best cannabis is a part of finding the best dispensary.

Unlike me, there are so many cannabis lovers looking for the best cannabis, same as me.

I am listing out my favorite dispensary according to my research and experience with this dispensary.

List of Best dispensaries I ever find in California.

Bonafide Cannabis Dispensary:

Bonafide provides high-quality cannabis products with delivery service in California. I read bonafide reviews on google’s business list, And this was awesome and some service I got when I went there. Bonafide dispensary comes no 1 on my list. Check out their reviews and enjoy their service. I am dam sure you will love it.


I visited Deli 5 time and there product quality and service was stunning. I love the environment and different ways of shopping ex: grabs a product you want, pay and go!

California Caregivers Alliance (CCA):

When I first checked their service, They had 5% off on their new customer. I loved their offer as well as their customer service!.

I usually check out their offer on their website and social accounts! And I’ve enjoyed their service till now.

I will update my new experience with the new dispensary.



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