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3 min readNov 27, 2019

Software Development has been growing over time. Software developers are the backbone for any development firm because they help in increasing the revenue to a greater extent.

Job responsibilities of Software developers:

· The job responsibilities of Software developers are the following:

· They design, develop, install and test a software system that they have built for a firm.

· They develop programs that enable the effective functioning of the software that they have created.

· Fix and improve the features of existing software.

· Integrate software components and third-party programs.

· Prepare technical documents for reporting and future reference.

Which country has the cheapest software engineers?

The Software Development in India has been widely spread. The following are the countries which have the cheapest software engineers:

· Africa (Kenya and Uganda more specifically)

· Pakistan

· India

What is the cost of the cheapest software developers?

It doesn’t matter from which place you hire the software developers from especially when it comes to off-shore outsourcing. In most cases, you should allocate about 2000 US dollars to 3000 US dollars per month for software developers who are hired from Africa or India.

If the employment is for the long term, then there is a possibility for you to pay them a lesser amount than that. There are a few reputed firms in India that pay 3000 to 6000 US dollars to software developers in India. If you go below these rates, then you cannot expect the best results from the hired software developers. Low charge per day and short term employment might be a major setback in your career. Thus, paying the right amount will bring out the best in the software developers.

Who can benefit from outsourcing to cheaper countries?

To the above question, the answer would be the companies that have ongoing work in software development. These companies benefit from both near-shore and offshore outsourcing. The companies include the following:

IT Services companies: The companies which implement ERP or other software solutions for their clients usually fall under this category.

Software companies: The companies which create and maintain software solutions, which are sold as licenses fall under this category.

Web agencies: The companies which develop web solutions for their clients fall under this category.

IT departments: These departments either continuously build new software solutions for their fellow departments like Marketing, HR, Sales, and many more or create modules for their ERP systems and maintain them.

Startups: Startups benefit the small scale budgets in a greater way. They can be successful in outsourcing to cheaper countries with an exception that they have to be funded by internal or external sources. Boot-strapping with some small funds will not work efficiently and if bootstrapping is the only plan, the co-founders should code or give away their shares to other developers who might be located in the same city or the same region.

Commitment is the key to success:

When the service provider or the client is ready for long term commitment, then only offshore or near-shore collaboration might work. In this case, the clients will be ready to engage the senior developers who can work on the project or use the existing senior resources on the project.

If there is a requirement, the IT companies in the country with cheaper resources can add additional team members like web designers, Java developers, etc to complete the project early.

In that case, there may be a big opening in the IT firms which will be ready to hire you if you match their selection criteria. They may check your piece of knowledge in the technical skills and similar to that.

Final thoughts:

Outsourcing to cheaper countries like India, China, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, and similar countries would provide a highly beneficial result because of their cheap rates, provided, you must consider the above-mentioned points in mind. Thus, Software development in India is a boon to increase the revenue of the country.



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