Anthony Lockwood
2 min readMay 20, 2020

COVID — 19 also known as Coronavirus has shook the world as this brought one of the worst crash in the economy. This is that bad as it’s not just one country’s economy crash but the truth is that the whole world economy is down and as a result of this many people lost their jobs and are now jobless. So, what can one do to get a job? Well you can get a job of a security guard because they are right now required the most. You might be wondering that we sure know about doctors, police but why security guards.

Here’s why security guards are required:

1. Hospital need security personals

Right now hospitals are required security guards the most as a result people there has been shortage of guards and you might be thinking why hospital are required of security guards. Right now in hospital there are doctors to treat the patients and they both need security guards for their safety. Not just that but as a fact that doctors will be able to work at their full potential when they know that there’s someone guarding them and they are safe they can work stress free because of that.

2. Medicine need protection from theft

“Medicine is the new gold” yes that’s true that medicine is the new gold because they are the most valuable piece right now as there are many security guards in California that are being hired just for the purpose to check that if anyone thief them he/she can’t get their hands on the medicine. It is important as gold because on the course of the pandemic everyone needs some kind of a medicine and hence they need to be protected.

So, yes right now as per the demand you can become a security guard.



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