Amazing Reasons that will make you migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readJan 22, 2020

At the beginning of 2016, Magento released their new platform magneto 2. Thousands of merchants therefore were faced with the decision of whether to update Magento 1 to the brand new version.

Some business promptly re-plat formed to magento 2 or choose another option like Shopify or Woo commerce. However, the rest of the community is still trying to shape the way.

The amazing thing about magento 2.0 upgrade is that it has got overall better features that assist it to compete with other platforms like woo commerce and shopify. As know let us divert our attention to the amazing reason will make you migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Enhanced performance

Overall Magento 2 is run faster than Magento 1.the fastest website speed assists in generating more sales which, in turn, enhances website search engine optimization. Developers can easily handle multiple catalog pages without slowing the speed. This makes it relevant for large stores and to grow your online business. It also increases the average order value which in turn assists in improving the website conversion rates. Also, the updates in Magento 2 work a lot swifter which makes it easy for Magento users to take complete advantage of new features as and when they keep on releasing.

Majority of the companies that have migrated to Magento 2 have already experienced cost savings using new content. This includes new product launches, landing pages, etc. How? With the help of Magento 2’s intuitive user experience design, you can easily manage and create content. This way you can free your technical resources to concentrate on creating higher value needs. Ultimately resulting in customized content.

Key integrations

Magento 2 integrates with very popular extensions to ensure that your ecommerce store has better functionality in terms of creativity. This includes payment gateways like Braintree and PayPal. These are the payment options that are extremely popular amongst users which make Magento 2 a far better option. You can even avail integrations with Cyber Source and World pay to enhance payment security.

Way better admin interface

The new user interface of Magento 2 has been designed keeping in the loop the requirement of reducing the time to manage an ecommerce store. It is more user-friendly and easier for team members to learn. Admins have the power to customize the admin panel which can help them to get relevant business information quite easily. By customizing it, it is possible to easily track productivity when it comes to managing orders, customer data, and products. It is far easier to create products in the admin panel. Reason? It consists of 4x faster product import capabilities.

You can now see an added drag and drop layout editing option under the admin interface of Magento 2. The most important thing is, there is no need for extensive knowledge of coding to alter the appearance of your online store. This way, you can create an amazing online store in half the time!

Mobile Responsiveness

It is not a secret anymore…Mobile-friendliness is the key to improving sales figures. It has been found that more and more customers are shopping for their favorite products using smart phones and tablets. This has been observed by the Magento team. Hence, they have integrated mobile responsiveness as a priority while developing Magento 2 platform.

Now, you can avail new responsively designed (and SEO friendly) themes integrated video, smooth checkout. It is possible to get all of these functions of Magento store now on your mobile devices. Isn’t it amazing? This way you can increase the mobile sales figure.

On top of the front-end of the website, the admin panel is touch-screen friendly which can make you manage the online store on the go!



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