Advantages of Software Development Outsourcing to India

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readDec 13, 2019


India is considered to be one of the leading and more established outsourcing destinations in the world. India has been in the outsourcing game for quite a long time. India is the original big outsourcing destination in the world which was started years ago with call centers but now Software Development India is known as one of the leading software and application development country. Today the most successful business strategy adopted by many top organizations worldwide is certainly outsourcing their requirements to India.

Over recent years, many foreign organizations have outsourced their software development requirements to India, which indeed have enabled them to achieve success in various fields. The decision to outsource their requirement enhanced their business and at the same time proved to be an economical one. If you are not aware of the advantages of outsourcing software development requirements to India, then here a few Advantages of Software Development Outsourcing to India.

1. Boost to newly established company

Outsourcing software development provides great advantages to newly established start-ups since it helps them enhance their brand and leverage their IT costs and resources without employing in-house programmers to carry out their development needs. These companies could save up to 50 per cent by entrusting their custom software needs to one of the prominent offshore companies.

2. Cost-Effective

It has become evident that the cost of business operations and retaining a worker for the longer term is getting expensive nowadays. One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing application development in India is that people can save a lot of money on designing and developing a professional application. When comparing with other countries like the U.S, Canada, Australia, and other European countries there is a huge income gap between these countries and India.

Also, hiring a developer in-house in developed countries is very expensive. Taking advantage of the rate per resource, many companies in India can save significantly on their operating costs without cutting the corners by outsourcing their development projects.

3. Vast resources

Offshore development companies in India are typically boasted with considerable resources that enable them to deliver software development project successfully and on-time delivery. Companies opting for outsourcing are always in an advantageous position since they are getting access to a wide range of excellent resources to enhance their business.

4. Exceptional quality

There are numerous software development companies in India, which indeed has created good competition among themselves. To survive this tough competition, the only best option these companies have is to focus on quality. Sometimes, they might forsake price, but not quality. Hence, companies opting to outsource can assure that they will get nothing less than the best in quality.

5. Economical solutions

As mentioned earlier, numerous software development companies in India have created tough competition. Providing excellent quality is crucial, but at the same time, offering competitive prices will also help them attract new prospects and potential customers which eventually help them survive the competition. Hence, companies outsourcing their requirements can be confident that they will get an excellent solution at an exceptional price.

6. Maintenance and support

Nowadays most of the offshore development companies in India offer maintenance and support services to build a sustainable relationship with their clients. Offering such services enable them to attract new prospects in all forms. On the other hand, Companies outsourcing their software requirement will also be benefited of availing continuous support for a long time.

Outsourcing your application development in India is the best option as it can free you from worrying about investing more in hiring people, technology, infrastructure, project complexity, support, maintenance and everything else that comes along with it.

Final thoughts:

Thus, Outsourcing web or mobile applications has benefitted in various leading and small companies in achieving success and accomplishing their major objective. Thus, the advantages of outsourcing software development to India are immense. Therefore, outsourcing software development requirement is the best option available, which is both beneficial and economical.



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