7 Qualities of Good Programmer

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readFeb 20, 2020


What makes a good software programmer? This is a genuine question to ask yourself and your fellow associates to cause you to think about the specialty of software development in India. It’s essential to understand coding as it’s an initial entry of achievement for programmers. However, there is substantially more to what makes a good software programmer. We will discuss a few qualities that good software programmers must have:

If you are looking for good software programmers than you must pay attention to certain qualities of software developers:

· Enthusiasm: Programming must not only be a 9-to-5 job, it like wise must be a hobby. A good developer constantly has an enthusiasm for programming and for the most time code for himself/herself at home, having a go at something new or make something on his personal attempt. Programmers must be enthusiastic to write codes and have extensive knowledge of coding.

· Problem-solving expertise: Good programmers are normally independent and self-learners. They have an ability to learn new technologies all alone and aren’t scared by new difficulties or challenges. For the individuals who have never attempted to make an application from scratch, programming can best be compared with solving incredibly troublesome math questions. A good software programmer thrives with being innovative and finding approaches to make something work, in spite of the chances.

· Communication Skills: To progress, learn and take care of issues a software programmer needs to speak with different developers. This implies a software programmer needs to have somewhat better communication than just a minimal communication skill. Also, great developers must have own opinion and must have the option to protect it if necessary. This is particularly significant for the duration of brainstorming and task layout approaches. This is additionally significant if there is an issue in the project and need to be solved quickly.

· Ambitions: A good software programmer must have ambitions, an ambitious programmer’s look for good salary, career & professional growth, recognition in the field. All those points define an ambitious programmer who is keen to learn more to grow in his/her field.

· Punctual in their work: Most programmers like other programmer’s works on deadlines. So a good software programmer must be punctual in work and should deliver the projects on time. If programmers delay the projects that means he/she is not a good programmer. If a programmer needs time for particular projects than they should straight way ask the manager and thus respect the deadlines of the work.

· Positive Attitude: Positive attitude towards the work makes the programmer succeed in the field. A positive attitude is the way to progress towards your work as a brilliant software programmer cares for your business. They are awesome, inclined to move the space to get the project completed and produce their remarkable every day.

· Correcting Skills: Writing code is only a part of a developer. At the point when programming doesn’t work as expected, a software programmer is relied upon to find a good pace of the issue quickly and successfully. Rather than going through hours blindly making changes, search for a software programmer who carefully examines his code and research potential issues until an answer is found.

If you want to hire good software programmers from one of the best software development company in India what points you should look into good programmers:

o They will normally charge higher than the market price because of their expertise.

o Code samples will be smartly structured and well commented.

o They will have knowledge of technologies in their area of expertise.

o Good programmer effectively uses advancement techniques, for example, agile methodology.

o They will frequently comprehend significant programming “best practices” and when to utilize them.

Good software programmers are rare. They can significantly boost your team and produce awesome results. They are not easily found though. You have to recognize what to look for just as where you’re probably going to find them.

At the point when you hire good programmers, you can get a significant return for their work, so they’ll hope to be rewarded accordingly. Try not to hope to have the option to enlist a good programmer at a cheap rate.



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