5 ways your business can take advantage of security guards

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readFeb 25, 2020

For many years now, security guards have supplemented the work of police offers and other law enforcement officials. In fact, the concept of a guard who keeps watch over a shop or dwelling has been a concept for centuries, when humans used to fear attack or intrusion from outsiders. Today, even as modern technology is slowly taking over the duties of many jobs that were done by humans, lots of businesses still swear by the efficacy of security guards over high tech security systems.

Still, as a new business owner or someone who doesn’t understand the need for security guards in California, this article will detail some benefits of hiring a security guard that you may not have considered, and better enable you to evaluate whether hiring one would improve certain aspects of your business.

1. Security Guards reduce the incidence of crimes at the locations they guard

Obviously, this is their primary purpose of employment: Security. A professional security guard will patrol, monitor, and secure your facility. In this process, they prevent harm to capital goods, staff, and your customers alike. Threats of Vandalism, theft, and assault can all be mitigated through the strategic use of a security guard.

2. Security guards are responsible for the “face” of security

Even though you may already have a recording system or anti theft devices set up, a security guard serves the valuable function of Security Theater. What this means is that many people who would previously have taken advantage of the lack of an authority figure around to teal or vandalize property, will be dissuaded by the presence of a security guard who could prove to be a nuisance. In addition, both customers and staff feel safer when they can see and observe a trusted figure that is entrusted solely with their safety, which results in increased productivity and patronage! Win-Win!

3. Auxiliary customer service representatives

In addition to their primary job as security officers, Security guards in California also can augment and assist customers for minor, basic tasks that make the customer feel valued and treated with extra courtesy. For example, they can assist customers with directions, or escort them in safety to the parking lot at night or in less populated areas. This makes for happy customers, and happy businesses!

4. First point of contact for security issues

Many security incidents happen due to easily preventable reasons that could have been foreseen and fixed much earlier. For example, broken fences or windows are a frequent entry point for burglars, who use the opportunity to enter and steal. Security guards can prevent this, by regular patrolling that exposes such flaws and fixes them in time, before an incident.

5. Security guards reduce reaction time in case of adverse events

In case of an untoward incident, the correct reaction is to call emergency services, whether that is Fire, police, or medics. However, in many cities these services take some time to arrive on scene, especially if you are geographically farther. In such cases, Security guards can be an invaluable resource simply by being instantly available on scene. In fact, many security guards in California are trained in First aid and fire suppression in addition to basic security training.

From this article, you have learned the many ways that security guards can assist in the functioning of a business. Evaluate the needs of your own business, and consider whether hiring one might be right for you as well. You might be surprised how much good it can do you, and how much it hassle saves in the long run.



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