5 Qualities of a Trustworthy Security Guard

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readAug 5, 2019

Protection of your assets and your family is a critical thing to manage. It can be difficult to make your property safe and secure from the attack of thieves and other criminal activities without any human protection resources. A Security Guard is the perfect solution for your safety concerns.

An ideal security guard or a team of guards is capable to protect your wealthy resources from a thief and any offensive activities in your premises. But, getting the right team of security guards can be a topic of headache in today’s competitive world.

By considering the following tips and factors, you will be able to hire an efficient team of Security Guards in California and other places in the world.

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Choose according to your need

The initial step in the process of hiring Security Guards is to understand your requirements and figure out what kind of security you want for your property. If you are going to secure your family or your house, then you need only one or two security professional individuals for protection. And, if you want to protect your business place and property, you surely need a team of Guards. Moreover, property size and area also matters in deciding the size of the security team.

Several agencies which provide Security Guards in Los Angeles offers flexible hiring hours of Guards according to your requirements. This is a good service being provided by security agencies for customers and you should take advantages of this to secure your property when you are out of the town. By understanding your need for security, you will be able to hire the exact needed security solutions for your estate.

Ask about experience and qualifications

Any professional individual needs to be experienced and qualified enough to serve well. It is important to know about your Security Guards before you hire them to save your property from thieves. Ask them, how long they have been serving their service in this field. Knowing about the Guard’s experience and qualification, you will get an idea about the quality of service they can provide to you. It is good to be aware if they have certificates for special skills like Martial Arts, First aid and Gun safety qualities. Always make sure everything about the experience and qualification of your upcoming Security Guard.

Check past performance and history of the agency

When you have decided to hire Security Guards and searching an agency for the same, it’s time to see the background of the agency. As a customer, it’s your right to check the past performance of the agency. You can take advice from the previous customers who hired the same agency for their security purpose; this will give you more precise ideas about the service of the agency. You may also verify the history of the security guards with police to check whether they have any criminal records or not. It is advisable to examine your Security Agency in deep before you hire them.

Compare the charges

Comparing the rates of various Security Agencies is a crucial step in picking up a suitable Security Agency for you. Check if your desired agency is charging you more than the other agencies for the same kind of service. This can be done with the help of the Internet or by asking price quotations from the different agencies. It is favorable to compare the price difference between the agencies while hiring a security guard at a reasonable rate. However, few agencies will charge more because they might have more experience in this field with highly qualified working individuals.

Examine your security guards personally

Once you have completed all the formalities of hiring Guards to protect your resources, it’s time to know your security men personally. Meeting personally to guards, who will work for you, is an essential step to build trust for them. It also ensures that you and guards are comfortable with each other. Moreover, if you know them personally, that can build confidence in you for being served honestly and safely by guards.


The process of hiring an effective agency that provides security service in Los Angeles or at other places can be done easily with the help of above-mentioned tips. Hiring Security Guards according to their skills, past performance, prices, and your need is the only way to protect your estate efficiently.



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