5 common mistakes that should be avoided by security guards for gated community

Anthony Lockwood
3 min readJun 17, 2021


If you live in a gated community, you will know the importance of security guards and their services. However, sometimes, your silly mistakes can be the reason of mishaps in your community and you will never that to happen even in your dreams. Even if you hire the best team of security guards in California, some of their mistakes can cost you a lot.

Here is the list of some common mistakes, which should be avoided by the professional guards or you if you are the authority, beware of these mistakes and try to avoid it-

  1. There is no direct contact of guards-

What happens when you do not appoint the guards directly to the residents? There would be lack of communication, which will lead to misunderstandings. Mishaps and unwanted activities can happen at any time at these residents since the guards are not available on the gate of these residents. This is most common mistakes done in gated community and should be avoided at any cost.

  1. Guards are not present at their locations-

The reason why the team of security guards is appointed is that they are hired to make sure that no trespasser dares do anything to harm the people in community or to the property of residents. If they are absent from their place, it can be dangerous for the society as their will be no one to shun the activities or emergencies when needed. This is the reason why security guards should always be present on their delegated location.

  1. No screening of visitors-

The visitors screening is very important, and the guards are the one who will do it. If they are not screening or checking on the visitors properly, or not doing it at all, then this can be risky because proper checking is must. No one should be allowed to enter the property if the screening is not done, since the criminal activities can happen at any time and anywhere.

  1. Incomplete patrolling-

The security guards should always make sure the patrolling of the premises is done, to ensure that no person is planning to do something suspicious. Incomplete patrolling can result in to something harmful and dangerous, and the team of guards must check every corner of the property to avoid all the problems that are possible. Ask your guards to keep an eye on every day activities as well as to do the patrolling every day.

  1. No record or improper records of visitors-

The security services are the most crucial part of every property and their responsibility is to look after the tiniest details. Making the record of the visitors is one of those small responsibilities of the team of guards, so that society has proofs if something happens in the future. Improper records will not work as it is one of the common mistakes that will be regretted in future.

All the above stated are some main concerns of the gated community. Therefore, whenever you hire the Security guard services for your property, clearly instruct them of avoiding all these mistakes and tell them the reason why this should avoided.



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