5 Best Ways to Boost Ecommerce Sales Fast

Anthony Lockwood
5 min readJul 23, 2019

After starting an eCommerce business the big question is how you can boost sales for your business, you may find various ways on the internet to give your business a boost in terms of sales.

But are they enough and reliable?

Well, you sure can try and experiment but the best solutions will be the ones that can help to shape the future of eCommerce.

As eCommerce has grown consumer habits have changed a lot.

This is the reason why it is necessary for your business to adopt these changes.

I’ve researched and found many trends that will be there in the future to boost sales for your business so that you can get the most out of your eCommerce business.

Here are the top 5 trends that you should adapt for your business RIGHT NOW for better sales.


Videos will bring more trust to the eCommerce platform in the coming future as it will almost solve the biggest problem that the eCommerce is facing right now.

It is not a “RETAIL STORE”.

Asian countries like China and India are yet to fully adopt eCommerce as a source to buy stuff.

The reason being, customers can’t see and feel the product, in reality, it like a virtual world, you sure can return any product but that is also not that reliable to solve this problem.

Videos will solve this problem and a site like Myntra has already implemented this feature.

This way you can grab customer’s attention. So that they can feel and see how the product will look in reality.

Videos for eCommerce


Make your site trustworthy because nobody will buy on a site which looks fishy.

If you can gain trust by the services your business offers than that will act as a positive “word of mouth” by your customer and that will be the best marketing your business will ever receive.

Make sure your website is “SECURE I https://” protected so that when the customer arrives they can feel safe & secure regarding their data.

Security is a major concern these days as in the past 5 years, 46% of American had been reported to be the victim of credit card fraud.

Display security badges on your website like “McAfee SECURE, VeriSign, PayPal verified”.

Make sure you don’t get into any controversy of a fraud. If any customer is returning any product within terms and conditions than accept the return and allot them a refund or replacement on time that way you can gain their trust and they will feel safe to order more at your site.

Security on eCommerce

Testimonials & Reviews

Testimonials and Reviews is the way people going to trust your site more.

It’s all about the services that you offer if that’s great then amongst 100%; 10% will be the one that will leave a review or will provide you a testimonial.

“DON’T” use fake review for profits.

Well, it can backfire if you can’t provide great services because many customers come because of the reviews and by reading all the positive reviews if they experience an horrible service then the consequences will be harsh.

Reviews on eCommerce

Mobile Devices

The biggest mistake that the eCommerce companies are making is that their site is not mobile-friendly.


That 40% of mobile users have bought something online (SOURCE: pressroom).

Majority of the eCommerce that is being surfed today is through the mobile devices this is the reason that eCommerce Solutions India are spending much in the Research and development of customer’s mobile devices experience.

eCommerce on Mobile Devices

Target Right Customers

AGAIN! This is one step which is being neglected by a lot of eCommerce professionals.

They don’t target the right customer, they sure run ads but “why a person interested in sneakers would love to see ads of shirts?”

Preferences of customers changes from Age, Sex, Interest, Location and many more.

Select the audience that has already bought something from your site because if you were able to make a good impression on their eyes then they sure will love to visit your site again to buy stuff.

Targeted customers eCommerce




Sure it’s been a while since eCommerce has arrived in the market but still when you have to make a name for your website than discounts are necessary.


It’s like all in front of you this whole time but you couldn’t see it.

Well, if you have doubts on discounts then guess what companies like Amazon, Wish, eBay, and many others are doing it.

If you are not then you COMPETITORS is getting an eye of your potential customers.

Offers On eCommerce


As you know that eCommerce has made a name by disrupting the offline retail market and have opened a whole new opportunity door for businesses.

So, in amongst those businesses be the one that gets the most out of it by applying these steps to boost your eCommerce sales.



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